The ultimate 993 – 1997 Porsche 911 Turbo S

I call these “lottery cars”. If I ever won the Mega Millions, this 1997 911 Turbo S is one of the cars I’d definitely buy.

arcticsilverturbos9931e arcticsilverturbos9931f arcticsilverturbos9931bThe 993 Turbo S was the most expensive and rarest 993 and this Arctic Silver one had a MSRP of $153k. Just 183 cars were sold and clean low mileage examples are now worth far more than their original MSRP.

arcticsilverturbos9933a arcticsilverturbos9933v arcticsilverturbos9931aThe Turbo S made roughly 50hp more than the Turbo models and were lighter and a fair amount faster. Its easy to differentiate a Turbo S model with its side air vent that are reminiscent of the ones found on the Porsche 959. I never noticed but the rear wing also has a small air vent that directs air towards the intercoolers – pretty cool.

arcticsilverturbos9931c arcticsilverturbos9931d arcticsilverturbos9932bThe exterior also has the front and rear spoilers that Porsche dubs the Aerokit II and a titanium-color Turbo S logo on the rear lid.

arcticsilverturbos9932d arcticsilverturbos9932e arcticsilverturbos9932c arcticsilverturbos9932gThe interior has plenty of Carbon Fiber trim pieces including the instrument cluster and the door panels. The interior leather is two-tone with grey inserts that match the steering wheel – the upper head rests have the Porsche crest embossed into them for a nice touch. I’m surprised that the Turbo S has rear seats, probably too small for an adult – it was probably designed for childrn..

arcticsilverturbos993 arcticsilverturbos9931eThis Porsche Turbo S has super low miles and looks to be in collector’s shape. The market price for these cars has continued to increase and this one has an asking price of $359k!  At that price you open the door to a few other very high end Porsches including the Carrera GT or a newer GT3 RS 4.0 – which are two cars I would also buy if I won the lottery =).

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Extreme Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R

This 1997 Nissan Skyline GT-R is heavily modded and in its current configuration makes over 1,000 hp to the wheels! A very rare car in the states, its doubtful this R33 is legal for road use but would make for an awesome drag or track only car.

gtrblack1kr331a gtrblack1kr331bThe Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R was never meant for the North America market but that didn’t stop buyers from legally but mostly illegally importing them to the states. This one doesn’t look to be a legally imported Motorex car so its safe to say registering it will be very difficult if not impossible especially in California.

gtrblack1kr335b gtrblack1kr333e gtrblack1kr333dThe RB26DETT engine has been extensively enhanced with a variety of JUN, Tomei and Supertech products and to really take advantage of the engine modifications the factory computer was tossed for a Motec M800 ECU handles all the engine management.

gtrblack1kr331e gtrblack1kr331fHandling is always a GT-R strong suit and this R33 has been taken to the next level with a a set of HKS Hypermax coilovers and a few suspension links swapped over from the insane Nismo Z tune GT-R.

gtrblack1kr333b gtrblack1kr333a gtrblack1kr331dA square set of wide 19×9.5 Volk Racing GT-F wheels add a bit of color to the all black R33 and the wheels have gold faces and a polished lip. The exterior of the car is already aggressive from the factory and the unique rear wing is also adjustable.

gtrblack1kr332e gtrblack1kr332f gtrblack1kr332bThe interior of this R33 is in excellent condition and it still has the factory seats front and rear. The center console now houses a racepak LCD screen that would actually look pretty trick if it was located in where the instrument cluster is – it just looks out of place in its current location.

gtrblack1kr331gThe 4 circular taillights are a GT-R trademark and is still carried over on the latest R35 GT-R. While the R33 might be one of the blander looking GT-Rs – its still a classic and one of the most highly regarded JDM cars of all time.

This car is currently located in Texas and the seller is asking $90k for this rare R33.

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From the seller

- RB26DETT GT (RRR) block
- New Nissan head, CNC race ported by Endyn in Fort Worth Texas (Pictures on
- Power Enterprise F1 black bearings
- Carillo rods with Carr bolts
- Wiseco pistons, developed by Endyn to match the combustion chamber design of the
cnc-ed head
- Greddy 1.2mm drag head gasket                                           
- JUN crankshaft
- JUN main studs
- JUN headstuds
- JUN metal gasket kit
- Tomei oil bafe
- Tomei oil galley restrictor
- Tomei camshafts 290/11.5 lift
- Tomei oil pump
- Tomei cam studs
- Supertech valves
- Supertech dual valve springs
- Supertech titanium retainers
- Supertech solid shims
- Bronze valve guides
- ATI crank dampener
- OSGiken quad plate clutch
- HKS timing belt
- 2 Tial BOV
- N1 water pump
- Precision PTE 8280 Billet turbocharger
- Fullrace twin scroll turbo manifold with 2 Tial 44mm wastegates
- (3) Ethanol 400psi Walbro fuel pumps
- Weldon fuel pressure regulator
- Accufab 90mm throttle body
- JUN surge tank (intake manifold)
- 6 x ID 2000 injectors
- NOS direct port progressive 200 shot nitrous system
- Greddy radiator
- GS Motorsports custom catch can
- GS Motorsports custom coolant tank
- Custom intercooler with Garrett core
- GS Motorsport custom intercooler plumbing
- GS Motorsport Full turbo back 4 inch V Band custom exhaust with Magnaflow Race Muffler
- Motec M800 ECU (fully enabled) 
- M&W high output drag Ignition/
- Honda CBR coils for 12k RPM
- 19×9.5 et17 Volk Racing GT-F wheels (Gold)
- 285/30/19 Nitto Invo tires
- Brembo brake calipers
- Custom Cobalt carbon brake pads
- Brembo rotors
- Custom Teflon brake lines
- HKS Kansai Attesa controller
- Nismo floor mats
- Nismo shift knob
- Nismo gauge cluster
- AIM Estrada MXL Dash
- OEM GTR Vspec Seats/ Interior
- Custom battery set up  
- Kill Switch (underneath Driver side rear bumper)
- (2) 15 lbs NOS bottles
- Greddy front lip spoiler
- Custom belly pan 
- HKS Hypermax III coilovers
- Nismo Z tune suspension links
- Driveshaft Shop front axles
- ATS Carbonetic 1.5 front differential
- Nismo motor and transmission mounts
- HICAS lockout bar
Vin: 00000BCNR33041616

Low mileage Imola Red BMW E46 M3

This gorgeous 2005 Imola Red BMW has just 14k miles on the odometer and is super clean.

e46redm3lowmiles1a e46redm3lowmiles1g e46redm3lowmiles4aAlthough this M3 doesn’t have the full factory competition package (ZCP) that was an available in 2005, it does have the nicer looking 19″ wheels that came with that performance focused option package.

e46redm3lowmiles1c e46redm3lowmiles1fIts nice that this low mileage example is completely stock and has been ordered with the 6-speed manual and sunroof delete retaining the structural rigidity of the M3. The rear spoiler was also removed at the factory which is an unusual request and I hardly see these M3s without the small lip wing on the trunk.

e46redm3lowmiles1e e46redm3lowmiles1d e46redm3lowmiles4cAs a later year E46, this M3 has the factory LED tail lights which add a modern touch to the look of the car.

e46redm3lowmiles2b e46redm3lowmiles2e e46redm3lowmiles2aThe interior is a Dove Gray leather that is in almost perfect condition with just some slight wear on the floor mats. I’ve always liked the E46 tachometer which has LED lights letting the driver know when its safe to operate in the upper registry of the RPM range.

e46redm3lowmiles3a e46redm3lowmiles3c e46redm3lowmiles1bThis M3 is currently located near Philadelphia Pennsylvania and the seller is asking $35k for this example.  A little on the high side, but a very clean car.

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From the seller

2005 BMW E46 M3 with currently 14,320 miles in MINT condition.

Factory options -

Park distance control
Harmon Kardon
Sunroof delete
*rear spoiler delete*
Xenon headlights
Heated seats