2011 TechArt Magnum Cayenne Turbo

This 2011 Porsche Cayenne Turbo has been outfitted with the full TechArt Magnum kit which cost an additional $80k to install on top of the incredible $140k MSRP.

magnumwhitetechartcayenne1a magnumwhitetechartcayenne1b magnumwhitetechartcayenne1cThe TechArt kit completely changes the look of the Cayenne and the front bumper is menacing with huge air vents. I’ve seen this kit on other colors but really like it on this white exterior, it shows off the lines better and makes the over-fenders more noticeable.

magnumwhitetechartcayenne4c magnumwhitetechartcayenne5b magnumwhitetechartcayenne4bThe rear and side profiles of this Cayenne aren’t as extreme as the front and actually look quite subtle. The rear lower air damn has been painted black and the quad tailpipes have been powder-coated black for a stealthier look. To keep the rear cleaner the Cayenne emblem was removed and but the turbo script was left in a darker shade.

magnumwhitetechartcayenne1e magnumwhitetechartcayenne6aThe 2011 Cayenne Turbo is a fast truck in stock form and has a 4.8L twin-turbo aluminum V8 that is a carry over from the first-gen model. The newer 958 chassis is roughly 500lbs lighter than the original Cayenne so its a fair amount quicker as well.

magnumwhitetechartcayenne2d magnumwhitetechartcayenne2e magnumwhitetechartcayenne2c magnumwhitetechartcayenne2fThe interior isn’t as interesting as the exterior with an ordinary black leather finish but Porsche always does a good job of balancing luxury and sportiness and the center console and trim panels are all made from carbon fiber or leather.

magnumwhitetechartcayenne5e magnumwhitetechartcayenne1d With a build cost that exceeded $200k, this Cayenne is fairly priced at $92k. It has less than 30k miles on the odometer and with the TechArt kit, this SUV is eye-catching and unique.

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Collector quality 1993 Porsche 964 RS America

This 1993 Porsche 964 RS America (RSA) has less than 25k miles on the odometer and is the cleanest one I’ve come across for sale, but its also the most expensive.

blackporschersamerica1a blackporschersamerica1bThe RS (Rennsport) America was a lightweight, bare bones 911 that rid away of luxury options and focused towards performance.

blackporschersamerica1f This variant was actually the least expensive 911 in 1993 and sold for $10k less than a fully equipped C2. The RSA is now the version to own and is worth more than a Turbo model of the same vintage.

blackporschersamerica2a blackporschersamerica4a blackporschersamerica3aThe RSA is rear wheel drive and came with the Porsche factory M030 sport suspension and a beefier running gear off a Turbo model.  Although, not the most comfortable for daily use a manual steering rack was used for ultimate road feel.

blackporschersamerica1c blackporschersamerica1dThe RSA can be distinguished from other 911 964s by its large whaletail rear spoiler. They also have RS decals on the sides and a RS America deck lid emblem. The factory wheels aren’t my favorite design and are a Mille Miglia Cups in a staggered 17″ size.

blackporschersamerica2b blackporschersamerica2c blackporschersamerica4cThe only interior choice was black with fabric seats, to save weight the door cards were simple and didn’t have an armrest or pockets. Interestingly the RSA came with electric windows because a manual crank window would mean the car would have to be re-certified by the government.

blackporschersamerica1eRoughly 700 RSAs were produced between 1993-1994 and this one was ordered with every option. It’s currently located in New York the dealer is asking $189k for this pristine vehicle.

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The ultimate 993 – 1997 Porsche 911 Turbo S

I call these “lottery cars”. If I ever won the Mega Millions, this 1997 911 Turbo S is one of the cars I’d definitely buy.

arcticsilverturbos9931e arcticsilverturbos9931f arcticsilverturbos9931bThe 993 Turbo S was the most expensive and rarest 993 and this Arctic Silver one had a MSRP of $153k. Just 183 cars were sold and clean low mileage examples are now worth far more than their original MSRP.

arcticsilverturbos9933a arcticsilverturbos9933v arcticsilverturbos9931aThe Turbo S made roughly 50hp more than the Turbo models and were lighter and a fair amount faster. Its easy to differentiate a Turbo S model with its side air vent that are reminiscent of the ones found on the Porsche 959. I never noticed but the rear wing also has a small air vent that directs air towards the intercoolers – pretty cool.

arcticsilverturbos9931c arcticsilverturbos9931d arcticsilverturbos9932bThe exterior also has the front and rear spoilers that Porsche dubs the Aerokit II and a titanium-color Turbo S logo on the rear lid.

arcticsilverturbos9932d arcticsilverturbos9932e arcticsilverturbos9932c arcticsilverturbos9932gThe interior has plenty of Carbon Fiber trim pieces including the instrument cluster and the door panels. The interior leather is two-tone with grey inserts that match the steering wheel – the upper head rests have the Porsche crest embossed into them for a nice touch. I’m surprised that the Turbo S has rear seats, probably too small for an adult – it was probably designed for childrn..

arcticsilverturbos993 arcticsilverturbos9931eThis Porsche Turbo S has super low miles and looks to be in collector’s shape. The market price for these cars has continued to increase and this one has an asking price of $359k!  At that price you open the door to a few other very high end Porsches including the Carrera GT or a newer GT3 RS 4.0 – which are two cars I would also buy if I won the lottery =).

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