Ultra low mileage Phoenix Yellow E46 M3

This one-owner M3 has less than 10k miles on the odometer and is a perfect candidate for those looking for a collectible E46.

pye46m3lowmiles1dThis loud and bright Phoenix Yellow exterior was one of two interesting colors released on the E46 with Laguna Seca Blue the other. Now that BMW is two generations ahead with the F80/F82 I’m sure collector’s are looking towards these two sought after E46 M3 colors.

pye46m3lowmiles1aThis particular car is lightly optioned and has the right gearbox with a true manual 6-speed transmission. It looks fairly stock but is currently wearing a more aggressive CSL style CF trunk – though the original is still available for the M3 purists.

pye46m3lowmiles1eThe interior is a beautiful light gray leather that looks to be in new condition and has a factory navigation system and Harmon Kardon sound system.

pye46m3lowmiles1bThe exterior has been kept in excellent condition and a clear bra has been installed on the front bumper, headlights and mirrors to keep rock chips to a minimum. I like the upgraded 19″ CSLs that give the car a more aggressive look and luckily the factory 18″ come with the car as well.

pye46m3lowmiles1cIts cool to see such a low mileage Phoenix Yellow M3 for sale and although his price is on the high side at $32k its a very nice low mileage E46.

Seller’s contact info


Subtle power- E92 Dinan M3 S3-R

I love this car – stock looking from the outside, this E92 M3 has a potent Dinan S3-R package that completely changes the power dynamic of this already thrilling car.

e92interlagoss3r1f e92interlagoss3r3aStarting with a new 2011 M3,  a full Dinan S3-R package was installed by BMW Seattle and still retains the full factory warranty.  Its quite an expensive package that runs roughly $40k for parts excluding labor but is complete by increase handling as well as increase power.

e92interlagoss3r4b e92interlagoss3r1aWith the Dinan S3-R kit – power is increased to 527hp and 407lb-ft of torque without the use of forced induction! Past Dinan cars were supercharged to create extra power but I like how they kept this one naturally aspirated even though its more expensive to obtain hp using this method.

e92interlagoss3r1e e92interlagoss3r3dThe base of the build is a bored and stroked long-block with an increased displacement to 4.6L. Dinan uses a billet crankshaft, lightweight forged pistons and connecting rods and finally balance and blueprints the internals to ensure optimal performance.

e92interlagoss3r3c e92interlagoss3r3bThe M3 comes with individual throttle bodies from the factory but the S3-R ITBs are larger in diameter increasing air-flow and benefits from a high-flow carbon fiber intake.

e92interlagoss3r1d e92interlagoss3r2e e92interlagoss3r2bHandling is improved with Dinan’s coilover suspension that works with BMWs Electronic Damper Control (EDC) and allows the driver to change the ride firmness on the fly. Adjustable camber plates allow a wider range of adjustments  to be set for track or street use.

e92interlagoss3r1b e92interlagoss3r5aThis M3 was already ordered with the competition package and has the popular Interlagos Blue exterior that was originally exclusive to the E46 M3 ZCP. This M3 has just 23k miles on the odometer and the seller is looking to get $69k for it, while a lot of money for a E92 M3 – the Dinan S3-R package incredible power increase almost quantifies its cost.

Seller’s contact info

From the seller:

2011 BMW M3 Dinan 4.6L V8 S3-R
Dinan 4.6L V8 Stroker Engine, 527hp, 407tq
Over $125,000 to Duplicate!
Full Dinan S3-R Package
Dinan 4.6l Stroker Motor, #24 
Dinan High Performance EDC Suspension
Dinan Underdrive Pully Kit
Dinan High Flow Throttle Bodies
Dinan High Flow Carbon Intake
Dinan Free Flow Exhaust
Dinan High Performance Stroker Motor Software
Passport 9500ci Radar & Laser Defense System
Equipped with these Packages:
Competition Package
Cold Weather Package
2011 Convenience Package
2011 Premium Package 2

2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS Roadster with a Mansory kit

I found this car on eBay but unfortunately not a lot of specifics were given in the description. Starting with a 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG the owner chose to outfit this rare car with a full Mansory kit.

slsroadstermansory1bMansory is a luxury car tuner based in Germany and have built unique and aggressive kits on marques from Aston Martin to a Bugatti.slsroadstermansory1e

slsroadstermansory1hThis SLS roadsters front bumper has a huge opening grill with 3 Carbon Fiber slats that match the rest of the exposed CF bits around the car. The entire front bumper is CF but only parts of it were painted over leaving an aggressive looking front piece. The entire hood has been left CF looking and shows off the 3D weave that CF is known for.

slsroadstermansory1iThe side mirrors are also produced by Mansory and were left CF which complements the black exterior of the SLS, it features the factory integrated signal light but this one has the lens smoked for a cleaner look.slsroadstermansory1c

The rear bumper has a F1 style rear brake lamp and an interesting exhaust tips that are unlike anything else I’ve seen on any car.

slsroadstermansory1d slsroadstermansory2aThis SLS is sitting on a set of huge 21″ HRE wheels that are 375 wide in the rear are extremely wide but are still flush with the fender.

slsroadstermansory1bThe SLS is a very fast luxury convertible that uses the same 6.2L V8 as the coupe – an engine that makes over 560hp. With expensive and lightweight materials like a magnesium and aluminum roof structure the roadster is just 88lbs more than the coupe.

slsroadstermansory1f slsroadstermansory1gI wish the seller provided more pictures and information on the gorgeous SLS, it has a little over 7k miles on it and bidding is currently at $100k.

Seller’s eBay auction

From the seller:

This rare Mansory SLS roadster is 1 of 1 in the country. The vehicle has been upgraded to the Mansory edition which includes the following part conversions: Carbon fiber hood, side skirts, front spoiler, mirrors, rear wing, diffuser, and exhaust . It is also equipped with HRE wheels and Pirelli Tires. It has been extremely well maintained with no dings, dents, scratches, or damages of any kind