1967 Toyota 2000GT – Amazing condition

I have to admit, the Toyota 2000GT has to be one of my top 3 favorite cars of all time. This 1967 is in gorgeous shape and has just had the interior redone and a rebuild on the engine.

When this car came out it was a far departure from what Toyota was selling at the time, in that sense its what the LFA is to Lexus. A halo supercar to show the world what Toyota can do. The similarities between the two don’t stop there, as with the LFA the engine of the 2000Gt was built in conjunction with Yamaha to deliver 150hp through a 2.0 L straight-6.

So fresh and clean!

But the part that gets me is the styling, it just kills. The long hood, the smooth lines, the way the cockpit is placed far back on the chassis. It’s gorgeous! I’ve been fortunate to see one in person and it really is something special. Everything about it is a piece of art!

Love the exhaust location

The price is a whopping $650k. Expensive yes, but think of it as a Monet you can drive.

“Here is an unprecedented opportunity to acquire a 1-owner, low mileage mint example of an ultra-rare U.S. delivery 1967 Toyota 2000GT.

Of the 351 cars made, only 84 were left hand drive, of which only 62 came into the U.S.A. between 1967-70. Today less than 40 of those are known to still exist, making this one of the rarest collector vehicles in the world.”

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