The one, the only – the Ruf CTR Yellowbird!

This is a special car. Cars like this made me want to start a blog about cool and interesting automobiles. The 1989 Porsche Ruf CTR Yellowbird started life at the Porsche factory as a standard 930 body but to Alois Ruf Jr. this is where the similarities ended. In fact in 1987 the United States recognized Ruf as a manufacturer because so many modifications were made to the vehicles. The CTR moniker is derived from

  • C = Group C Racing
  • T = Twin Turbo
  • R =  Ruf
I love these wheels

In 1987 Road & Track declared the RUF CTR as the world’s fastest Production car. To put it in perspective the Yellowbird went through the quarter mile at 11.7secs which is only one tenth of a second slower than a Lexus LFA., it is also a tenth faster than a Lamborghini Murcielago to 120mph. These stats are amazing given this car is 23 year old.

Look at the color matched engine cover and the CTR logo!

So how was Ruf able to accomplish this? After stripping the standard 930 body he replaced the doors, hood and engine cover with lightweight aluminum panels and then installed twin turbochargers to the engine. The result was a as tested top speed of 211mph!

The price of this vehicle is sky high at 279k but I’m sure it will sell. The lore of the Yellowbird and the importance of this vehicle to the most well known Porsche tuner around is well worth the asking price.

From the seller

The One Owner car you see her is 1 of only 6 alumiunum LIGHTWEIGHT Street/Track RUF CTR Yellowbirds created! 22 additional all steel versions were built. Tipping the scales at just 2,520lbs., you are looking at the Lightest CTR on the planet! This is the ONLY RUF CTR Yellowbird created for importation into the United States.

Sellers information

Carbon Kevlar seats!

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