1997 Toyota Supra TT – yes another one.

I recently featured a Supra TT on this site but when I saw this 1997 for sale I had to throw it up. I love pretty much everything about his setup except for the wheels which is easy to swap out.

Ridox Supra TT Deep Jewel Green
Ridox front lip and sides

All the mods on this car are all super high end like this HKS single T51R polished turbo helping the JZA80 make over 850 rear wheel horsepower which is absolutely crazy! The spec sheet on this car is a dream list of what to do to a car – from the rare Ridox front bumper and sides to the flashy but cool purple/green chameleon Bride Maziora seats.

Ridox Supra Maziora Bride Seats
Check out the back of these Bride Maziora seats.

The Supra will always be known as the Japanese muscle car, it didn’t handle like the NSX or RX-7 but it would outgun them as well as the 300zx during that era. The Supra design with its large front and rear flanks is intimidating and definitely has the power to back it up.

Top Secret Supra Wing Ridox Rear

This example has only 65k miles on the odometer but with a price tag to match. Not many people have the coin to spend on something like this but if they do its an awesome deal.

From the Seller

The car made 853rwhp @30psi on E85…Couldn’t boost any higher due to running out of wastegate spring. I ordered and have a heavier spring from HKS that hasn’t been installed. With it installed, the car will be able to boost higher thus being able to go well over the 900rwhp mark. The car runs absolutely great at where it is right now being that the HKS T51R turbo is at its sweet spot. Plenty of help from keeping the car maintained to where it is today, I couldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for Doug from FabShopMiami. The car is immaculate both inside and out.

The car currently has 64,911 miles

On another note, the car has NEVER been tracked and is always garage kept.

HKS T51R SPL Single Turbo Kit Polished
HKS genuine V-band Exhaust Manifold
HKS 272/272 Camshafts
HKS DLI Ignition
HKS 4” Titanium Exhaust
HKS 60mm Race Wastegate
E85 Conversion Full Fuel System with 1,600cc Precision Injectors
Walbro Triple Pump Setup
Sound Performance Billet Timing Belt Tensioner Bracket
Sound Performance Custom 4” Downpipe and Midpipe coated
Sound Performance 4” Chrome Intake Pipe w/K&N Cone Filter
Sound Performance 3” Custom Chrome Hot Side Intercooler PipeAEM EMS
AEM Wideband O2
AEM Tru Boost Controller
ARP Head Studs
Virtual Works Intake Manifold
Virtual Works 4” Polished Cold Side Intercooler Pipe
RPS Carbon Carbon Clutch w/Chrome-Molly Flywheel
Greddy 3-Row Polished Intercooler
Fluidyne Polished Radiator
Brian Crower Springs and Retainers
Ferrea Valve Guide
Ferrea Valve Locks
TTC polished Catch Can w/ 10AN Steel Braided Line to Valve Covers
Tial 50mm BOV Polished
Power Enterprise Kevlar Timing Belt
Amsoil 75W-90 Severe Gear Rear Differential Fluid
Amsoil 10W-30 Dominator Racing Oil
K&N Oil Filter
New OEM Toyota Fuel Filter
New OEM Toyota water Pump
New OEM Toyota Coolant
TRD Thermostat
Carbon Fiber Radiator Plate
TRD Oil Cap
Polished Reservoir Caps
Powerhouse Radiator Hard Pipe
Gloss Black Painted Spark Plug cover
Rear Battery Relocation Kit
Odyssey battery

Ridox Front Bumper
Ridox Carbon Fiber Front Lip Diffuser
Ridox Carbon Fiber Side Skirts w/the upper half painted in green
Top Secret Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser w/ Carbon Fiber Vortex Generators
Rod Millen Motorsport Rear Wing w/Carbon Fiber Center
Gandor Carbon Fiber Mirrors

Bride Gias Sport Maziora Seats
Takata 4pt Harness
Personal Steering Wheel
Works Bell Quick Release
ARC Titanium Shift Knob
Sparco Harness Bar
TRD 10,000rpm Tachometer
C’s Short Throw Shifter
OEM Black Carpet Conversion
New OEM Supra Floormats
Rear Seat Delete

Tein Flex coilovers
Tein EDFC module
Cusco Rear STB

Track Spec (19x9f – 19x11r)
Toyo R888 Tires (265/35/19f – 305/30/19r)
StopTech Trophy Sport 6 Piston Front Big Brake Kit
StopTech Rear Slotted Rotors
StopTech Stainless Steel Brake lines
Polished Rear Factory Calipers
Hawk HPF Brake Pads
Project Kics R40 Neo Chrome Lugnuts

Sellers contact info

Supra TT Maziora Bride Seats

The huge HKS single turbo
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