Oh my – a low mileage Gran Prix White NSX

I found this 1997 Acura NSX for sale locally on the SF bay area craigslist. The first thing that jumped at me was the color, Gran Prix White NSXs are one of the more rare colors for these cars but then I saw the mileage. With less than 25k miles this NSX seems to be a gem of an example that comes along only once in a while.

Gran Prix White NSX side
Soo clean!

1997 was a big year when it comes to the NSX, it was the first year they offered the larger-displacement 3.2 liter engine increasing 20 hp to 290 and an adding another forward gear making it a 6-speed. Lesser known upgrades came from thinner panels that were stiffer than those used on earlier NSX models.

Gran Prix White NSX front
I’m a fan of the flip up headlights

The NSX was never known for being the fastest car among its peers, the power was mild compared to the big Viper V10 pumping out 450 hp or a Porsche Turbo with numbers in the low 400s. What the NSX had going for it was finesse and agility, it would easily go where the driver pointed it. In addition it is known as the everyday supercar – something you can drive to and from work on Friday and then bring it to the track on Saturday.

Gran Prix White NSX rear

Time has proved that the NSX as very reliable with many examples being run over 150k miles without major maintenance issues.

Given the mileage, I’m glad the owner has left this example stock. Like most sporty or interesting cars it is getting increasingly hard to find a clean example that hasn’t been modified to the previous owners tastes. The NSX will remain one of my all time favorite cars and hopefully I’ll be able to own one in the future.

Gran Prix White NSX

From the owner:

Rare Grand Prix white / tan NSX for sale.

Low mileage, currently about 25K miles.

All maintenance items are up-to-date. Timing belt, water pump, thermostat, valve adjustment, 90K mile service (including spark plugs), all fluids, harmonic balancer, seals & gaskets were done at Foreign Affairs in Santa Clara in August of 2011.

Please e-mail for any questions.”


Gran Prix White NSX odometer
Low mileage!