Gorgeous 1987 Buick Grand National GNX with 154 miles

I found this awesome 1987 Buick Grand National GNX on eBay, the amazing part about it is how many miles are on it. With only 154 miles on it since new this has to be one of the most pristine GNX in existence.

The eighties were not a highlight for American cars – most of them were bland, forgettable and of poor quality so when Buick brought out the Grand National GNX it was welcome change to the regular monotony.

With an original MSRP of less than $19k Buick brought back muscle car power in a sleeper body. Based off of the Regal, the Grand National was named after the NASCAR Grand National racing series in which Buick had won back to back manufacturer cups.

This one here is one of the rarest of the rare with the GNX option which was an $11k option over a regular Grand National. The GNX option included a Garrett T-3 turbocharger and larger intercooler. It would be the latest and greatest GN and Buick underrated the power claiming 276hp. Owners who have dyno’d it have reported over 400hp as a real world figure – not bad by 1980s standards.

The interior is a little on the “big comfy couch” side than a sports coupe and the trim materials leave a lot to be desired but the overall package is still desirable. This GNX has a great looking all black exterior that includes black accent pieces like the side vents and wheels.

The owner is asking $85k for this car which is on the very high end. I’ve seen a few with 20k on the odometer in the $20 range but nothing as pristine as this one, ever.

Will it sell or won’t it. Time will tell, but this looks like the ultimate GNX to own.

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From the seller:


Here is a very rare and beautiful GNX with only 154 miles since new. The original window sticker is still on the window. It has its original paint, original interior, and still sitting on the original tires. 25 years old and only 154 miles.  It’s a remarkable find and opportunity for a serious collector. Only 547 of these special edition cars were built. Each GNX has a number which is displayed on the dash plate. This is car #297 of 547. Sticker price new was $29,290. The GNX option was $10,995 over the price of a nicely equipped grand national. It was the fastest production American car in 1987. It even rivaled all of the beloved muscle cars of the 60′s and 70′s. Line up your Hemi’s, Shelbys, and Bosses – the GNX was faster. The amazing thing about it was that Buick did it with a 3.8 V6 Turbo. It kind of gives a new meaning to the word “performance”. The car comes with a GNX jacket, GNX book, GNX supplement owner manual and a rare dealership poster. There is also a 3 ring binder full of other information.