1/1 Ruf VW Beetle – a fine line between weird and cool

I’ve seen pics of this RUF bug online before and thought it was an interesting idea. The owner of this car worked with RUF USA to make a ‘concept car’ that was inspired by the famed Porsche tuner.

rufbug1 rufbug3The base vehicle was a 2002 VW Beetle Turbo that was highly modded with a myriad of custom one-off RUF parts to make a pretty nice looking bug.

rufbug2 rufbug5The first thing I noticed are the set of RUF 19″ wheels with a big brake kit peeking behind the staggered wheels. The front calipers are made by Brembo and has a impressive sized 14″ 2-piece floating rotor. The wheels are one of my favorites with a simple and smoothed 5-spoke design that looks good on anything from this bug to a Cayenne.

rufbug4 rufbug6The engine hasn’t been modded except for a stiffer motor and transmission mounts that translates into a sportier driver feedback with a custom tune to increase boost by APR.

rufbug7 rufbug8The visual aspects of this car are the best feature of this car with a one-off exterior kit housing two small winglets on the front and various RUF logo’d parts in the interior.

rufbug10The owners estimates he spent over $115k on this build and is offering this car with no reserve on eBay. The starting bid is $59k, but I doubt he’ll get it. Even though this is a unique VW beetle, it has no history and without a RUF Vin, this is just a very modded VW beetle. I do like the car, its tastefully done and interesting to see what’s been done to it but the price is too much for what it is.

Sellers contact info

From the seller:

With over $115,000.00 and six years invested, and after being recently featured in Eurotuner Magazine and on the Ruf Database, this Totally Custom, One of a Kind “Concept Car” can be yours, and is being offered for sale.   What if……..
The RUF Bug
An Extraordinary 2002 VW New Beetle Turbo S “Concept Car’, Inspired by the great German Porsche Aftermarket Tuner Alois Ruf, built & designed as he might, given the inclination to modify a New Beetle.
Built with the cooperation of RUF USA, this is the OriginalRUF BUG”. Known around the world, and with an International Following, it’s been “Imitated“, but never Duplicated!

The RUF BUG meets all US Emission, DTS, Crash and Safety Specs, is Street Legal and may be registered in all 50 States.

Whether used as a very unique, one of a kind, attention grabbing “Daily Driver”, or as an exclusive addition to an existing Car Collection, the Ruf Bug is without a doubt the epitome of a classic and the only one of it’s kind in the world!

For the Automobile Enthusiast who’d like something NO ONE ELSE HAS!!