Bright blue Porsche Turbo with a RUF R conversion

This 2001 Porsche 911 Turbo has recently received the full RUF R Turbo conversion at the RUF USA shop in Texas. Originally, it was a special paint to sample Bugatti Strong Blue exterior color that looks gorgeous making this 996 look fresher and more unique than 95% of the cars on the road.

strongbluerufturbor1a strongbluerufturbor1bMy view on unique colors have definitely changed recently and a year ago I would have hated this blue. I would have thought it was too bright and eccentric to be on a 911 but now I appreciate that interesting colors make sense on rare cars. I can imagine in 20 years, I would much prefer to hop into this bright blue over a duller and generic grey or black version.

strongbluerufturbor2a strongbluerufturbor2bTo a majority of RUF aficionados, having a genuine RUF VIN is highly sought after and appreciated but unfortunately this one is lacking that feature. The conversion took place in 2012 at the RUF shop in Texas but includes the same parts that the RUF VIN models come with.

strongbluerufturbor3c strongbluerufturbor3b strongbluerufturbor3aSome of the cool options the owner chose to add were the RUF 220MPH guage cluster that are quite rare, RUF steering wheel and RUF Aero mirrors which have the logo etched onto them.

strongbluerufturbor4cstrongbluerufturbor4aThe 19″ Speedlines are one of my favorite wheel designs with its clean lines allowing the spokes to protrude all the way to the edge making the wheel look larger than they actually are.

strongbluerufturbor5cThis car is nicely lowered with a set of JIC coilovers installed that have adjustable dampners letting the user increase the stiffness and set the perfect ride height. Even though the brake calipers are yellow which signify Porsche Carbon Ceramic Brakes (PCCB) the rotors are made of steel.

strongbluerufturbor6a strongbluerufturbor7a strongbluerufturbor6bThe owner is asking $80k for this 2001 Turbo with 45k miles on it. Although its a unique color and I love how it looks with all the RUF upgrades on it for that price your just in range of a 997 GT3 so it might be a hard sell.

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