The best looking production car today.

Ferrari can work magic, with every incarnation of its smallest production car the design jumps leaps ahead of its preceding model. The F430 makes the 360 look bloated and overweight and although the F430 is still a great looking car, the newest 458 Italia makes it already look outdated.

novitec458white1a novitec458white1c novitec458white1bThis 2011 Ferrari 458 is sporting a Novitec Carbon Fiber body kit and is a display car for Vossen the recent but already very popular manufacturer of high end wheels. Of course this demo car is wearing the new Vossen Precision Forged wheels in a staggered 21″/22″ setup.

novitec458white2a novitec458white2c novitec458white2bThe Novitec Rosso pieces are not only beautiful but very expensive with just the lowering springs setting you back $1,400. The front lip is full Carbon Fiber and the two winglets on the bumper have also been replaced with Carbon Fiber Novitec peices.

novitec458white3a novitec458white3c novitec458white3bThe 458 is such an amazing looking and performing car and besides the Lexus LFA, I can’t think of another car that is so ahead of its time.  When pre-production designs are released to the public 9 times out of 10 the car released look so much tamer and sedated than the original renderings but this 458 keeps every hard edge and the completed example is awe inspiring.

novitec458white4a novitec458white4c novitec458white4bThis 458 is finished in the rare Bianco Avus and has a full black interior which pares nicely with all the Carbon Fiber interior parts. The only source of flare on this understated car are the Ferrari Shields on the side fender which match the yellow brake calipers.

novitec458white5a novitec458white5c novitec458white5bThe 458 is my favorite Ferrari since the F40, it has such a great design and is ahead of its time when compared to everything else on the road.

novitec458white6a novitec458white6c novitec458white6bThe asking price for all this goodness is $285k, a lot of money but this is a dream car and actualizing dreams don’t come cheap.

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From the seller:

2011 Ferrari 458 Italia equipped with $20,000 Novitec and Capristo carbon fiber body kit and 21×9 and 22×12 Vossen Precision Series Forged Wheels.This car is owned by Vossen Wheels and is our flagship company show car. Car is kept in perfect “mint” condition and clean title.
2 year service was just done January 2013. (paid $2300)

20″ Factory wheels and Tires also included.
Additional Upgrades:
-Vossen Precision Series Forged Wheels w/ Pirelli Tires. (F: 21″ / R” 22″) (MSRP $8500)
-Novitec Rosso: Carbon Fiber Rear Apron (MSRP $2850)
-Novitec Rosso: Sport Spring Kit (MSRP $1370)
-Novitec Rosso: Carbon Fiber Front Lip Spoiler (MSRP $4390)
-Novitec Rosso: Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Flaps (MSRP $1550)
-Novitec Rosso: Carbon Fiber Front