Super clean Le Mans Blue E39 M5

This 2002 BMW M5 looks to be in outstanding shape and has pretty low miles with 59k miles on the odometer. This is a drivers condition car and has a slew of nice upgrades to enhance the already awesome M5 package.

cleanM5e391a cleanM5e391c cleanM5e391bThe owner claims that the car is in near mint condition which is rare for this type of car with many M5s used as daily drivers and having quite a bit of wear on them. The exterior color is a popular Le Mans Blue (LMB) and the interior is a unique camel color.

cleanM5e392a cleanM5e392c cleanM5e392bWhat impresses me the most about this car is the condition of the interior, little wear is shown on the seats and bolster which hard to find in this condition. I could do without the CF which looks out of place with this particular interior color.

cleanM5e393a cleanM5e393c cleanM5e393bThe previous owners have slowly modding the car but chose to retain a OEM look. A set of Supersprint headers are matched to a full Dinan exhaust system and software upgrade to free up some extra horsepower while making this M5 sound a little sportier.

cleanM5e394b cleanM5e395a cleanM5e394cI’m happy to see that this car is still rolling on the stock M5 wheels which are one of my favorite OEM BMW wheels. A lot of owners end up swapping out these gunmetal wheels to a set of aftermarket rollers that usually detract from the look of the vehicle.

cleanM5e394b cleanM5e395bThe owner is asking a reasonable $25k for this car and I think the price is right on. Its a lot of car for the money with a huge V8 outputting 400hp and relatively low miles. This is an awesome car and I think it would make a great daily driver.

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