Low miles on a Dakar Yellow Z3 M coupe

Dakar Yellow is one of the more interesting colors BMW has released in the past decade, it first found life on the E36 M3 but has been used on various cars throughout the years mostly as a individually ordered option.

2000dakarz3m1a 2000dakarz3m1c 2000dakarz3m1bDakar was a stock color available on this 2000 BMW M Coupe and looks awesome on this already unique car. As an earlier version, this Z3 M coupe shared the same engine as the BMW M3 from the E36 but later models came with the more powerful S54 from the E46 M3.

2000dakarz3m2a 2000dakarz3m2c 2000dakarz3m2bWhen the M coupe was debuted, the styling was controversial and commonly compared to a clown shoe but now these are quite collectible and have a loyal following. This M coupe has only 28k miles and looks to be in really good shape.

2000dakarz3m3a 2000dakarz3m3c 2000dakarz3m3bOne aspect I like is this car is almost completely stock except for a set of H&R springs and Bilstein shocks which can easily be swapped out for stock units.

2000dakarz3m4a 2000dakarz3m4c 2000dakarz3m4bThe OEM wheels are one of my favorite stock BMW wheels and have a cool staggered look with the rear wheels wider than the fronts complementing the widened rear section of the car.

2000dakarz3m4d 2000dakarz3m5bI love these cars and think that it will will be one of the more collectible BMW cars in the future, if your looking on holding on to one long term this one has it all with an interesting color, low miles, and in great condition. The asking price is $29.5k.

Sellers eBay auction

From the seller:

I am pleased to offer this beautiful 2000 BMW M Coupe in Dakar Yellow II over Black leather. 1 of 24 produced. This California coupe is nearly flawless, has spent its entire life in the hands of a collector, and has always been rested in an indoor garage. The odometer shows just over 28k miles, with very little wear on the interior or exterior. All VIN stickers are present and the body has never seen any paint or body work – 100% original. The coupe smells, drive, and looks brand new. The interior is a 9.5 out of 10, with only the very pickiest eyes noticing any wear on the driver seat or shift knob. The exterior is a 9.5 out of 10, with only one or two very small scratches or rock chips from driving (only noticeable from 12 inches away).


The car has been maintained properly since new and comes with fresh fluids that include:


1. Oil change (Fully Synthetic Lubro Moly)

2. Brand new Continental Extreme Contact DW tires

3. Brand new OEM brake pads & rotors.

4. Coolant Flush

5. Brake Fluid Flush

6. Rear Differential and Manual Transmission Flush.


The coupe also has upgraded suspension, including:

1. Bilstein shocks

2. H&R springs, upgraded sway bars/bushings, and rear shock mounts.


The car runs tight and strong unlike any other M coupe we have come across, riding on rails better than when it came off the showroom floor. Again, the car is literally flawless and all options and accessories work as they should.


There are no stories with this Coupe and is ready for a new owner.