One owner 1965 Honda S600 Roadster

This 1965 Honda S600 is one of my favorite cars of all time and rarely come up for sale even though over 10k examples were built worldwide from 1964-1966.

hondawhites600road1a hondawhites600road2a hondawhites600road1bIn the 60s, the metal used by Japanese companies were thin and prone to rust which made many of these left for scrap. Cars were disposable in the ’60s and it would be less expensive to buy another one than to restore the one you already had.

hondawhites600road2b hondawhites600road3b hondawhites600road3aToo bad since these little Hondas were way ahead of their time with a small displacement but very high reving engine that could spin to 11k rpm but only making 57 hp. As the great grandfather of the S2000, this S600 was small and lightweight roadster and unbelievably sold for less than $2k new!

hondawhites600road3c hondawhites600road4b hondawhites600road4aIn concourse’s condition its not rare for these to sell in the mid-thirties and I actually think its a bargain price if you can find one for that price. Japanese classic cars are a undervalued market that is ready for appreciation, last month a Toyota 2000GT sold for over a million dollars making it the most expensive Japanese car sold at auction.

hondawhites600road5aThis one-owner car is on eBay and has around 50k miles on the odometer, it does have a few engine related issues which will hamper is value a bit but this looks to be a solid car to either fix to get running or the start of a nice project.

Sellers eBay auction