Supercharged V8 Miata – a lot of power with little weight

A supercharged V8 Miata pretty much sounds like the ultimate swap for those wanting a lot of performance at a budget price. Its the oldest trick in the book to take a small lightweight chassis and combine it with a largest engine that can fit with the hood closed and in this case it was a Miata with a Kenne Bell Supercharged Ford V8.

miatav8supercharged1a miatav8supercharged1c miatav8supercharged1bThis is an older swap so the block isn’t a cool LS7, but this little car has more than enough “go juice” with 400hp and 375lb-ft of torque.  The frame was strengthened and custom engine and transmission mounts were fabricated with extra chassis reinforcements to help control chassis twist.

miatav8supercharged2a miatav8supercharged3a miatav8supercharged2cI find it interesting that they chose Mazda RX7 suspension components including the hubs, and spindles, although more robusts than the stock Miata units, I would wonder about long term durability especially with close to double the HP levels of a FD.

miatav8supercharged3c miatav8supercharged4b miatav8supercharged4aI don’t like the chrome wheels on this car, and I think the rear should be lowered a bit more. The stance is a little “off”, the large chrome gas tank is a little tacky as well but I do like the lip spoiler and the flared front and rear fenders.

miatav8supercharged4b miatav8supercharged5a miatav8supercharged4cThe interior looks to be in awesome condition with no rips or tears of the leather or dash and the exterior paint is still shiny after 19 years. The price for this monster Miata is quite high at $30k but the dollar to fun ratio is high as well.

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