2011 Lotus Exige S260 Matte Black Final Edition

This 2011 Lotus Exige is part of the final lot built for the US and is known as the S260 Final Edition. The Matte Black color was the rarest color offered on this last hurrah and only 25 were produced with a MSRP of $71k.

2011lotusexiges260matte1a 2011lotusexiges260matte3d 2011lotusexiges260matte3bThe engine was still a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder sourced from Toyota but this version was supercharged and made 257hp. Lotus are a favorite tool for the track because its lightweight and still carries on the tradition of a drivers car – a manual transmission and no traction control. The lack of aids make the car depend on the driver and not the other way around.

2011lotusexiges260matte1b 2011lotusexiges260matte2a 2011lotusexiges260matte1cThis Exige S260 is fairly stock but has a few cosmetic modifications that can be easily removed like the tinted windows, turn signals and tail lights. The wheels and emblems have been painted black to keep the car more stealth looking and a set of Alpine speakers have been installed for a more livable vibe.

2011lotusexiges260matte2b 2011lotusexiges260matte2c 2011lotusexiges260matte3eThe Matte Black color is supossidly easy to take care of, you don’t need to wash it like a normal car but instead use a microfiber cloth to remove containments on the surface.

2011lotusexiges260matte3c 2011lotusexiges260matte13a 2011lotusexiges260matte3fWith only 2k miles on the odometer, this highly limited Exige is price well at $65k. Its located in North Carolina and shouldn’t take long to sell.

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