50 state legal Nissan Skyline GT-R R33

This is one of a handful of legal Skyline GT-Rs that were brought and legalized through the now defunct Motorex. It has a full bond release from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and is fully legal in every state including California which is super rare.

skylinegtrr331aThis 1995 Skyline is a V-spec which has a stiffer suspension and an updated ATTESA E-TS Pro all wheel drive system which splits the power front and rear and between left and right wheels. It essentially makes the GT-R a RWD vehicle that can become AWD when needed.

skylinegtrr331gAlthough this R33 has been lightly modded it is one of the cleanest versions I’ve come across for sale and only has 15k miles on the odometer! The wheels are an awesome set of british black Prodrive GC-07c forged wheels that are known for its light weight and good looks.

skylinegtrr331bThe stock suspension has been removed for a set of NISMO S-tunes that have adjustable damping with cool remote reservoirs similar to those of the KW V3 and fancy Ohlins models.

skylinegtrr331cThe engine is fairly stock except for a NISMO intake but the stock one is included, the famed RB26dett was under rated at the advertised 276hp and would do 0-60 in the mid-5 seconds. The twin turbocharged engine had a block made from cast iron but cylinder heads made from Aluminum alloy. An interesting design feature is the RB motor had six individual throttle bodies instead of a single like most cars use.

skylinegtrr331eThe seller has owned this car for 11 years and it looks to be super clean inside and out. With the 25 year importation rule the earliest we can import a legal R33 would be the year 2020 so for those who are itching to buy one before then this looks to be a really good candidate for you.

Sellers eBay auction.

From the seller:

1995 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec in fantastic condition.  Current mileage – is 15,074.  I purchased this vehicle in  2002 in Osaka, Japan.  At the time of purchase, the vehicle mileage was about 8,600 kilometers (about 5,400 miles!).  I imported it to the US and had Motorex perform the legalization. I believe this car was the second to last vehicle issued a full bond release from NHTSA – it was actually inspected by NHTSA at the Motorex facility when they audited the company in late 2003.  I had emissions certification performed for both Federal and California standards – this car is legal in all 50 states and has a California Bureau of Automotive Repairs (BAR) label affixed to the driver’s side door jamb.

This is a collector-quality car.  The original paint is amazing.  The interior is as close to new as you will be able to find in a car manufactured in 1995.  The underside/drivetrain is as clean as the top. This is a non-smoker car – this was a concern of mine when I was looking for a GT-R, and when I found this one it was obvious it had never been smoked in.  The engine and drive train are all original.  The transmission shifts great, and it is running OEM Nissan fluids – not Redline shockproof oil that can mask syncro issues.   The only engine modifications are a rare NISMO intake plenum that I added in 2005 and a K&N drop-in air filter element.  I have always run stock boost.  Other interesting and rare mods are:

Nissan illumiglow  illuminated “Skyline” finisher panel between the taillights (original finisher also included)

Series 3 R33 GT-R OEM HID projector headlights

R34 steering wheel with airbag

HKS pro stainless steel downpipe with thermal wrapping

KAKIMOTO full stainless exhaust, large piping but relatively quiet with deep tone (JASMO certified)

Super rare HKS metal substrate catalyst (fits in stock location, looks like stock but with larger openings, almost no backpressure but passes tough CA smog check standards)

TOP SECRET 355mm Brembo front brake upgrade.  This is the super rare version with titanium fittings, “medium” Top Secret pads

NISMO S-Tune suspension (fixed height shocks with reservoir, adjustable dampening)

NISMO R34 Z-Tune rear upper arms with camber correction for lowered GT-R’s

AKEYA FORMULA adjustable front arms for camber correction for lowered GT-R’s

PRODRIVE GC-07 forged wheels in specific GT-R fitment

Upgraded audio with Blaupunkt head unit (looks pretty close to stock), Alpine digital amp and A.D.S. speakers

Genuine Nissan speedometer calibrated in miles – not a refaced Japan kilometer only unit. This is a super rare speedo head that was the spec for 1997 GT-R manufactured for sale in Great Britain. I imported this head directly from England as a new part for the federalization for this car.  I am not aware of any other GT-R in the US that has this part

The main cluster is a NISMO part with a non-NISMO tach refitted (and the special speedo head). I sourced the NISMO main cluster but I did not care for the NISMO tach that had an artificially high redline indication. The NISMO main cluster has a subtle improvement, some of the minor gauges have some additional gauge marks and the finish is a little more sporty

NISMO ancillary 3-gauge cluster