A good daily driver sleeper – Volkswagen Golf R

The Volkswagen Golf R is an awesome little car that can seemingly do it all, it has a turbocharged six-cylinder based off the Audi TTS and makes 256hp and is available in a 5-door hatch that has a ton of space.

2013golfr4d1c 2013golfr4d1b 2013golfr4d1aWith a 6-speed manual transmission, the all-wheel-drive Golf is not only fun to drive but can hold its own in snowy conditions. Volkswagens 4MOTION system is continually engaged and can send power to the wheels with the most traction and when needed  almost 100% of power can be sent in the rear wheels.

2013golfr4d2a 2013golfr4d2c 2013golfr4d2bThe suspension on the Golf R is tuned more for performance than comfort and have a multi-link independent in the rear and a electromechanical steering that is speed sensitive and not hydraulically powered for smoother operation.

2013golfr4d3c 2013golfr4d3dWhile not over-the-top power the 2.0 liter engine makes the Golf R the fastest production VW available in the states. Its a compromise between power and efficiency with gas consumption at a anemic 19mpg city and 27mpg highway.

2013golfr4d3a 2013golfr4d3bThis 2013 Golf R is still relatively new with less than 7k miles on the odometer. Its also fairly stock with only a short shift kit installed that makes shifting throws much shorter. The owner is asking $34k for this super clean example and although VW is not my favorite manufacturer I can see the appeal of this do-it-all type of car.

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