Porsche 911 with a TechArt kit

This 2013 Porsche 911 is almost new with 5k miles on the odometer and has been outfitted with a full TechArt cosmetic package. The kit is very subtle but adds a nice touch to the newly refreshed 911.

991techartcs1a 991techartcs1c 991techartcs1bThe Porsche 911 received a new platform in 2012 and is only third iteration since the original 911 in 1964. The first chassis off the new platform is the 991 and was better performing than the previous years and had better fuel economy.

991techartcs1d 991techartcs2b 991techartcs2aThe car was built with mostly Aluminum parts which made it lighter than the outgoing model even though it was larger. The transmission was updated and the manual version has 7 forward gears!  The transmission also rev-matches on down shifts making smoother transitions to lower gears.

991techartcs2c 991techartcs3a 991techartcs2dThe power steering has been changed to a electro mechanical unit that uses two sensors to measure the driver and the road, the system will then assist the steering based on those factors. Some dislike this new system and think the steering effort is too light without much wheel feedback.

991techartcs3c 991techartcs3dBesides the kit this Porsche has the TechArt lowering springs and famous exhaust tips, the rest of the car is stock and would be a perfect sports focused daily driver. Porsche has been able to find the right balance of performance and everyday comfort which is why they have such loyal fans.

The seller is offering this Carrera S for $120k and its located in Las Vegas, NV.

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