Perfect condition 2006 Mitsubishi Evolution MR

This 2006 Mitsubishi Evolution (Evo) MR is in “new” condition and only has 324 miles on it. Supposedly owned by a collector of cars, this Evo still has the plastic wrapping on the seats, original documents and keys.

2006evoMR1a 2006evoMR1d 2006evoMR1c 2006evoMR1bThis one is a MR model which was the most expensive version of the Evos. The MR edition was the only version to come with a 6-speed manual (the other versions had a 5 speed). Bilstein shocks were another upgrade and were tuned for firmer dampening that showed on the street and on track.

2006evoMR2a 2006evoMR2c 2006evoMR2b 2006evoMR3cThe roof of the MR was upgraded to aluminum and side-impact beams which helped lower the overall weight of the car. The rear edge of the roof also had a vortex generator that increased downforce.

2006evoMR4b 2006evoMR4a 2006evoMR6aAn unbelievably fast car for its price range traction from its all-wheel-drive setup allowed the Evo to go 0-60 in 4.7 seconds! Powered by a inline-4 the turbocharged with intercooler Evo made 276hp and 286 lb-ft of torque.

2006evoMR3a 2006evoMR3b 2006evoMR4c 2006evoMR3fThe interior is perfect and still has the plastic wrap from the factory, the seats and plastic trim show no sign of wear and its crazy to see an Evo in this condition.

2006evoMR7a 2006evoMR7bThe seller knows this is a special example and is trying to sell it for $60k! I think its priced very optimistically but I wish him luck selling this super low mileage MR.

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