The rarest Miata? 1 of 6 “color” cars

Miatas are one of the purist sports cars ever. They’re lightweight, relatively inexpensive and sole focus is to be fun and driver centric.

orangemiata5 orangemiata4While Mazda has been churning out Miatas for 24 years now, and produced close to 1 million units only 6 “color” or concept” cars were delivered to the Mazda design studio in Irvine California. These cars were used to evaluate potential future colors for the Miata and other Mazda vehicles. The 6 colors ranged from a Raspberry Metallic and Light Green to this Orange “Sunkist” example.

orangemiata1 orangemiata8While extremely rare, this Sunkist Miata has a storied past and comes with a salvaged title. It was wrecked on a California highway and eventually sold to a company known for swapping 5.7L Ford engines in the Miata.

orangemiata3The Ford swap never took place and this Miata has the correct engine installed in it. The interior is in very clean condition and a Hard Dog roll bar is installed for safety.

orangemiata12 orangemiata11 orangemiata7The color is the most attractive aspect of this car with the orange color lifted from a Lamborghini Muira. Since it was originally painted orange from the factory the door jams, engine bay and trunk are all the same hue. Of all 6 colors, this is by far my favorite but I’ve always had a thing for orange or purple cars.

orangemiata9I’ve owned a Miata before and they are everything you would expect from a inexpensive sports car, my one compliant would be the small interior and trunk.  The seller of this Miata is asking $29.5k for it which is on the extreme high side for a salvaged title vehicle.

Even with its unique history and the importance of the Mazda Miata on other cars, I think he’ll have trouble selling this car for anything remotely close to what he’s asking. Cool car though!

Original “factory color test” Miatas

Sellers contact info

From the seller:

  • This car has an unbroken and documented chain of Miata-enthusiast owners from Mazda USA to present owner. My wife and I have owned and enjoyed it for nearly 9 years now, but will be focusing on British cars in our upcoming retirement.
  • High-quality restoration and repaint (original color, of course) in mid-2000s following moderate-level front end crunch on the freeway in Los Angeles. All restoration work was photo-documented, of high level, and details of the work are available.  A California, Colorado, and Texas car all its life – so no rust ever!
  • Current miles on the car are 45,073 – but this number will increase as time passes.  The car is driven every week, and runs and drives great. Completely dependable, and great fun on the twisty California rural roads where it now lives. Drive-anywhere condition.
  • Everything works, with the possible exception of the cassette drive in the factory radio.  Haven’t tried a cassette in several years.  Radio itself works great and has had the “Jeff Anderson” mods.
  • Regular maintenance, as appropriate to the car’s age and miles.  Engine oil in our ownership has always been Mobil1 10W-30 full-synthetic oil, with either Mazda factory or NAPA “gold” oil filters.  Gearbox and diff services with Redline-brand oils.

Cool Stuff:

  • Factory-original top, with even the original back window (clear!) that has the care instructions in Japanese on it (see photo set). Rare to find.
  • Good Quality (Hard Dog) roll bar, which is a bolt-in and completely removeable.  Car can easily be returned to stock if desired. Parts for this go with the car, as well as a set of hardtop side latch plates in case you wish to add a hardtop at a later date.
  • Car presently has a set of ’92-’93 Mazda-stock 14” BBS wheels with Michelin Pilot Exalto tires.  Also included is a set of excellent of Panasport 15×6 “Pro Rally” wheels, with the same type of tires.  Also included is a never-used set of Panasport wheel center caps, though the ones on the wheels are also excellent. The Panasports have the correct 45-mm wheel offset as used by Mazda – so they handle “stock” when on the car.
  • Original blue Mazda factory car cover.
  • Upgraded Racing Beat swaybars, front and rear, for well-poised and balanced handling.
  • Flyin’ Miata engine compartment and Racing Beat under-transmission chassis braces.  Also comes with a new Cannon rear subframe brace, which was designed and developed by a previous owner of this car – so it’s a “natural”!
  • Polished valve cover, and the original one comes with the car.
  • Lightened flywheel for quicker engine revving, and also Mazda factory-upgraded shift lever for improved shifting action. A Mazda (Nardi) wood gearshift knob is on car at present, but have the original one that goes with the car.
  • Documentation:  We have a lot of records and photos from the previous owner, factory owner’s and maintenance manuals with name of original buyer still in them, original Mazda window sticker which documents the unique status of this car and its VIN-provenance, etc. Even original ignition key, which has the now-unobtainable square-head style.

Why You Should Buy This Car:

  • It really IS a one-in-a-million Miata, the only factory-produced bright orange NA ever, with a welcoming color that is instantly indentifiable and which brightly stands head-and-shoulders even above the other Color Cars.

  • Because the first-generation (NA) Miatas will always be the purest in concept, lightest, and most fun to drive of all Miatas.