Dakar Yellow supercharged E36 M3

This low mileage 1998 BMW M3 has a few things going for it like the desirable Dakar Yellow exterior paint and the reliable Dinan supercharger but it has a few cons as well mainly the automatic transmission and convertible top.

e36m3dakarvert1a e36m3dakarvert1c e36m3dakarvert1bThe E36 M3 is one of the most popular BMWs ever and its combination of power and handling makes it a favorite on the track even a decade after it was last produced.

e36m3dakarvert1d e36m3dakarvert2c e36m3dakarvert2bThis M3 has the Dinan supercharger that uses a Vortech V2SQ unit which makes 80hp over the stock 240hp. While expensive, Dinan kits have OEM fit and finish and most importantly 50-state smog legal which not a lot of tuners bother with because the CARB certification process is not only arduous but very expensive. For those in California, having a CARB sticker allows parts to be legally used on the street and the car can be smogged by any local station.

e36m3dakarvert5a e36m3dakarvert5bAlso from Dinan, this car has the exhaust, cold air intake and front tower bar that are ubiquitous to most Dinan tuned cars. Other than those additions, this car has remained fairly stock which I appreciate.

e36m3dakarvert2f e36m3dakarvert3a e36m3dakarvert2hIn my opinion the E36 M3 had the best color choices of any car and it would be hard choosing between Dakar Yellow, Estoril Blue, Imola Red and Technoviolet Purple. These colors are still popular on M3s today and some have BMW individually paint their E46 or E92 in these classic shades.

e36m3dakarvert4d e36m3dakarvert4c e36m3dakarvert4bI’m not a huge convertible fan when it comes to a sports car since you give up significant structural rigidity that lessens handling performance, but this would be a nice in-town ride. Even with its automatic transmission the extremely low miles (58k) coupled with the rare color and supercharger make this a pretty cool car. Its currently on eBay with a buy-it-now price of $18k.

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