Federally legal Honda City turbo II

This 1985 Honda City Turbo II is a sport compact hatchback that was produced by Honda and one of the few forced induction cars ever made by the manufacturer.

hondacityturboblack9 hondacityturboblack8 hondacityturboblack3The City Turbo was never exported the to States but since the car is over 25-years old, it can now be imported forgoing strict Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards set by the NHTSA even if it did not conform to them when new.

hondacityturboblack6 hondacityturboblack4 hondacityturboblack5The car is currently registered and titled in Virgina but for those in California it’ll still be difficult to register based on our strict smog rules. Even though it passes NHTSA and EPA rules the California Air Resources Board (CARB) requires cars newer than 1975 to pass a certification test which can costs over $1k per test.

hondacityturboblack1 hondacityturboblack2Even with the additional hassle of obtaining registration, the ability to own a legal right-hand-drive JDM vehicle in the states is very alluring. While not the most powerful car ever, this little 12-valve SOHC turbo has a lot technology behind it like the aluminum/titanium head and lightweight magnesium valve cover.

hondacityturboblack7The condition looks to be pretty good with the exterior in nice shape, I like the bold and loud Turbo II graphics that are very 1980s but dislike the SR08 wheels on this car. The exterior design is fun with small and wide wheel arches and a bulge on the hood to clear room for the intercooler. The rear of the car reminds me of and older civic hatchback and 3 pronounced air-inlet holes were added right before the rear wheels.

5532106_orig 5516338_orig 3193367_origThe interior has a few worn looking parts like the steering wheel and seats but all the panels are present which is a good. The rear stereo system looks like a cheap home unit and an curious if its a stock or aftermarket add-on.

hondacityturboblack10 hondacityturboblack11The seller is looking to get $9k for this Honda City which doesn’t seem to crazy of a price, considering how much it would cost to find, buy and ship a vehicle from Japan to the States. I’ve only seen a handful of these over here and they really are an attention getter especially to Honda aficionados like myself.

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From the seller

ER4 COMBAX CVCC-II SOHC 12-valve Engine w/ OEM Turbo

Factory Top Mount Intercooler and 5-Speed Manual Transmission

Black Interior with Black Exterior

122,000 Original Miles

15″x7″ SR08 Wheels with 195/45/50 Tires

Very Rare Car (especially in the US)

**VIN: AA-1501585 **This is a Japanese Manufactured Vehicle, which is why the VIN is shorter than US manufactured vehicles. This VIN # appears on ALL DOCUMENTS including the U.S. Customs Release, Virginia Title, and Registration.


This is a very rare, fun little car to drive and is in great condition – especially considering its age. Only 122k miles. Powered by a 1.2L Turbo Charged engine, it is one of the few factory turbo charged vehicles Honda ever produced. Designed to seat 4 adults comfortably, it has more interior room than one would think. The aggressive styling sets this car apart from the pack with large fender flares and a bulldog treatment. It’s hard not to smile when you see this going down the road.


The interior is in decent condition. The dash is in great shape – no cracks, and the digital speedometer works great. The front seats have seat covers on them as they appear to have been replaced at some point in this little car’s life. They are pictured with and without the covers installed.


This car has an Electronic Controlled Wastegate for improved fuel efficiency. Built in April 1985, it has the Composite Connecting Rods that were standard in the March 1985 and subsequent models. This was a feature to reduce rotational mass and further improve the already great gas mileage these cars get. It is mechanically sound and drives well. A very unique piece of Honda History!