Super rare 1998 Dodge Viper GTS-R

This 1998 Dodge Viper GTS-R was a homologation model that was limited to 100 units. Built to allow Dodge into the GT2 class of the FIA GT series they were similar to a normal Vipers but had more aero enhancements.

1998vipergtsr1c 1998vipergtsr1b 1998vipergtsr1aI couldn’t find too much information on this Viper but it does have an increased power output and the 8-liter V10 makes 460hp and 500 lb-ft of torque. The aero upgrades are quite substantial namely the GT wing and the front splitter. If you look at the hood you can see cooling ducts that are normally not found on a regular Viper GTS.

1998vipergtsr1e 1998vipergtsr1g 1998vipergtsr1fThe 100 units were all painted the same color with a white base and blue painted racing stripes, I love the look and especially like how these look like a straight street legal race car. The wheels are made by BBS and are a classic mesh design – they look awesome and match the aggressive exterior of the Viper.

1998vipergtsr1h 1998vipergtsr1lIts weird that this Viper sits pretty high for a sports car, the gap between the tires and wheel wells looks huge.

1998vipergtsr1i 1998vipergtsr1mThe interior leaves a lot to be desired as well, I would have rather seen a sparse race cockpit than this really ugly blue and black combination. The center console is such a random design with its really wide arm rest. The seats aren’t much better and they look similarly cheap but I do like the Oreca harness.

1998vipergtsr2a 1998vipergtsr2b 1998vipergtsr2c 1998vipergtsr2eOverall I love the exterior and the engine but am really disappointed with the interior cabin. At an asking price of $88k, I really think this is a bargain.

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