Rolls Royce Ghost with a full Vorsteiner kit

This 2010 Rolls-Royce Ghost has been outfitted with the full Carbon Fiber Vorsteiner kit which has been fully repainted a Satin White Pearl.

vorsteinerrollsghost1a vorsteinerrollsghost1a1 vorsteinerrollsghost1b1Vorsteiner kits are usually quite aggressive with multiple aero vents and wings but this one is quite subtle on this ultra-luxury sedan. The front lip reminds me of a Wald piece and has a CF center portion. The hood is painted a very classy and complimentary satin gray that matches nicely to the white exterior. Even the hood ornament “Spirit of Ecstasy” has been refinished in a matching hue.

vorsteinerrollsghost1c vorsteinerrollsghost2e vorsteinerrollsghost2c vorsteinerrollsghost2b vorsteinerrollsghost2gThe aftermarket wheels are 22″ Rennen forged units, a brand I’ve never heard of. They look pretty good and I like how the spokes extend all the way to the lip giving the illusion of a larger wheel. The wheel arches on a Rolls-Royce are huge so the 22″ diameter wheels that are usually chosen for a full-size SUV looks perfect on this Ghost.

vorsteinerrollsghost3g vorsteinerrollsghost3c vorsteinerrollsghost3b vorsteinerrollsghost3aI’m really impressed with the interior, as you would expect from a high-end luxury car the quality of the materials are incredible with soft leather and polished surfaces everywhere. The rear seats have individual tray tables and monitors and famously a large umbrella is integrated into the rear doors.

vorsteinerrollsghost4a vorsteinerrollsghost3e vorsteinerrollsghost2fThe Ghost’s engine is a modified version of the V12 found in the 760i. Its a twin-turbo that makes 562hp and is mated to a 8-speed automatic transmission. Even with the porky curb weight of 5,500lbs the Ghost can still accelerate fairly fast with 0-60 running in the high four seconds.

vorsteinerrollsghost2h vorsteinerrollsghost2d vorsteinerrollsghost1d vorsteinerrollsghost1d1The seller states that $350k has been invested into this Ghost with all the upgrades, I like how they kept things simple and elegant without going for a “sports-sedan” appearance. This is a cruising car – albeit a very expensive one at an asking price of $200k.

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