2004 Speed Yellow Porsche GT3

The first generation GT3 really flies under the radar and many forget what a ground breaking vehicle it really is. Even though it has the famed “Metzger” engine and the first GT3 available for the North American market, it was based on one of the least desirable Porsche 911 chassis the 996.

porschegt3yellow20041a porschegt3yellow20041bThe engine is the sweet point of the car and was derived from the engine used in the Porsche 962 and 911 GT1 race car. The 3.6L engine made 381hp and 80% of that power was available from 2k rpm making it quick off the line. The basic engine design would be the base for every GT3 to following and only the new 991 GT3 will use a new engine.

porschegt3yellow20041d porschegt3yellow20042aAs the most track ready 911 variant, sound deadening was almost completely removed and an emphasis was placed on performance over comfort. This GT3 still has a black leather interior with perforated seating surfaces, the condition still looks good and I like how bare the interior is.

porschegt3yellow20041f porschegt3yellow20043bThis 2004 is a popular Speed Yellow exterior that really pops in the sun, its been a popular color for Porsche and really stands out over a white or silver. The large rear wing isn’t as aerodynamic or cool looking as the 997 GT3s and the car doesn’t have the flare of the newer models ones but these 996 GT3s do have a lot of character to them.

porschegt3yellow20042b porschegt3yellow20041e porschegt3yellow20041dThis one is equipped with the extremely expensive Carbon Ceramic brakes in the matching yellow caliper and is completely stock. It currently has 45k miles on the odometer and is listed on eBay with bidding at $50k – if you love GT3s as much as I do, these early 996 versions are the least expensive versions to buy. They’re almost half the price of a used 997 and still deliver a lot of performance for the money.

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