Very rare silver Dinan ISR 3

I totally forgot that this car existed until I came across this 2000 Dinan ISR 3 BMW M Roadster for sale out of Park Place Ltd. in Washington state.

dinanisr-3mroadster1cdinanisr-3mroadster1dI remember reading about this Dinan modified M roadster in magazine years ago and its cool to revisit a car like this over the course of time to see how it compares to today’s cars. Its still fast and is able to run from 0-60 in 4.7 seconds which is slightly slower than a E92 M3.

dinanisr-3mroadster1h dinanisr-3mroadster2eDinan really took the M Roadster to the next level by re-working the entire car with the most impressive upgrades made to the engine. Dinan chose to use a supercharged and intercooled combination on the factory BMW inline-6 . The ECU was also re-flashed to accommodate the new Vortech Supercharger and the ISR3 had a output of 396hp which was an incredible 156 additional hp over a stock car.

dinanisr-3mroadster3a dinanisr-3mroadster3c dinanisr-3mroadster2cThe suspension was upgraded with a custom set of Dinan/Koni shocks, stiffer anti-roll bars and a huge carbon fiber and alloy strut-tower brace. The differential was also replaced with a LSD unit that put more power to the ground during cornering.

dinanisr-3mroadster2g dinanisr-3mroadster2b dinanisr-3mroadster2dThe interior has been finished in a two-tone black and blue color with the Dinan logo embroidered into the headrest. A few guage have been added like the VDO boost and water guage that are mounted to look like factory pieces.

dinanisr-3mroadster4b dinanisr-3mroadster4c dinanisr-3mroadster3dI like the wheels a lot – they look like they’ve been sourced from Fikse and rebranded with a Dinan logo. The wheels are staggered with the rears wider than the front and both having a nice step lip.

dinanisr-3mroadster2h dinanisr-3mroadster1g dinanisr-3mroadster4aDinan is known for producing super high quality O.E. like products and even with the extreme power upgrade of the ISR 3 it still carried a full factory warranty. All the upgrades came at a hefty price which nearly doubled the base price of the M roadster.

dinanisr-3mroadster1a dinanisr-3mroadster1fOnly 50 Dinan ISR 3s were built and they added $37k onto the top of a new M Roadster making it a $80k car. This one offered for sale has 27k miles on the odometer and has a much more reasonable $50k asking price.

Seller’s contact info

1-Owner Dinan ISR-3 2000 BMW M Roadster. Outfitted with a completed Dinan ISR-3 Signature Package, this is an ultra-high performance version of the M Roadster. It is a one owner car that is presented in Titanium Silver Metallic over a unique Black & Blue two-tone interior. Only 50 of these ISR-3 M Roadsters were built by Dinan, making them incredibly rare in addition to incredibly powerful. The ISR-3 package along nearly doubles the $45K factory MSRP at a premium of close to $37,000 alone!

The ISR-3 Package, which stands for Intercooled, Supercharged Roadster, adds virtually every high-performance upgrade that Dinan offered for the E36/7 M Roadster. The S52 3.2L inline-six engine now features a Dinan/Vortech belt-driven supercharger that delivers 10lbs of boost, with a Dinan air-to-air intercooler to prevent heat soak. To best utilize the added power from the supercharger, the engine also features Dinan performance software, high-flow intake, high-flow throttle bodies, high-flow fuel injectors and a low-pressure Dinan Free Flow exhaust system. The 5-speed manual transmission is also upgraded with a lightweight clutch and the OEM rear end has been replaced by a 3.38 limited slip differential. The car rolls on lightweight 18″ Dinan wheels and the suspension has been improved with an aluminum & carbon fiber strut tower brace, Koni dampers, performance springs and larger sway bars. All said and done, this M Roadster pumps out 396hp / 326lb-ft or torque in a 3,100lb package that will rocket to 60mph in 4.7 seconds (a full second quicker than a stock M Roadster), pull .91gs on the skid pad and touch a top speed near 160mph.

Factory features of this M Roadster include a premium Harman/Kardon audio system, heated sport seats, optional AM/FM radio with CD player, a sport steering wheel, power-operated blue soft top, roll bars and air conditioning. An optional removable hardtop was ordered with the car (not pictured) and will be included with the car.