Nice Grand Prix White Porsche 964 widebody

This cool looking 1994 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 is a rare example in a Grand Prix White exterior with calming Dark Marina Blue leather interior. An air-cooled car – the 964 is one of my favorite looking 911 body styles and was replaced by the drool-worthy last of the air-cooled 993.

1994porschec4s9641a 1994porschec4s9641c 1994porschec4s9644cThe 964 has a classic 911 design and is used as the base car for high-end Porsche stylist Singer Vehicle Designs and RAUH-welt Begriff. They have a retro look compared to today’s designs but still have the 911 round headlights and short rear overhang that is a 911 trademark.

1994porschec4s9641b 1994porschec4s9641iProduced between 1989-1994 a majority of the 964s had a 3.6L flat-6 that made 247hp. While not extremely fast it was a fun car that handled well thank to a much improved spring and shock setup that replaced torsion bars found on earlier 911 models.

1994porschec4s9644b 1994porschec4s9644a 1994porschec4s9641eAs a C4 model, this example is all-wheel-drive and the exterior body is wider in the front and rear than a C2. The rears are able to fit wider wheels and the 3-piece 17″ Techart wheels are period correct for this car and look good with its stepped lip design.

1994porschec4s9641dI never noticed this design detail but the rear only has one exhaust opening on the passenger side, for some reason I always thought they had a dual setup like most Porsches.

1994porschec4s9642a 1994porschec4s9642e 1994porschec4s9642dThe interior color is a unique blue color and it goes with the white exterior. The original steering wheel has been replaced with a RUF one and the integrated celll phone is still in place for a nostalgic feel.

1994porschec4s9642b 1994porschec4s9641h 1994porschec4s9641gThis 964 has fairly low miles with 67k on the odometer – the condition is pretty good and the seller is asking $70k for it. Older 911s in this condition have only been increasing in value so this might be a good candidate for those looking for a clean 964 C4.

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