Ultra rare BMW M3 Evo II for sale in the U.S.

Wow! This 1988 BMW E30 Evo II is a super rare car that was never available in the United States and the seller says this is the first one offered for sale in the States.

m3evo2e301fA homologation special that had both aerodynamic and engine updates the Evo II’s was the rarest E30 M3 built with only 501 produced and only three colors were available – Misano Red, Nogaro Silver and Macau Blue.

m3evo2e301aThe Evo II was produced to compete against the MB 190E 2.5-16 Evo and both were highly tuned versions of their already fast sport cars. The BMW’s 4-cylinder S14 engine output was substantially increased to 220hp with new pistons and a higher 11:1 (from 10.5:1) compression and the flywheel was lightened for faster revs. The final drive of the transmission was reduced to help quicken acceleration at the expense of a lower top speed a change that worked well on track where quicker acceleration leads to quicker lap times.

m3evo2e303bm3evo2e303aOne of the trademark pieces of the Evo II is the painted valve covers. Once the hood is opened the driver is greeted with a awesome white with tri-color M motorsport engine.

m3evo2e301e m3evo2e301dThe exterior changes include a deeper front air dam and added lip spoiler on the trademark E30 rear wing. To increase performance weight was reduced with thinner window glass and lighter trunk and bumper pieces which shaved 22lbs from the curb weight.

m3evo2e302b m3evo2e302aThe interior is a really cool silver plaid cloth with high leather bolsters and each chair has a small M-motorsport lapel which is a nice touch.

m3evo2e301cThe pictures provided are horrible when trying to sell such a rare and expensive car but its cool to actually see one of these come up for sale. This Evo II is over 25 years old so its legal to be imported by DOT standard but seller doesn’t provide any information as far as EPA requirements so its safe to say some leg work might need to be put forth especially for those of us living in California.

The seller is asking $90k for this unique M3 with 104k miles on it.

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