Period correct JDM Re Amemiya Mazda RX-7 FC3S

This 1988 RX-7 Turbo II was originally a Japanese spec vehicle but has recently been imported to the United States under the 25 year importation rule. While not a car for everybody I love the look of this FC chassis with its super rare Re Amemiya kit.

fc3syellowjdm1a fc3syellowjdm1i fc3syellowjdm4aNormally the FC RX-7 has pop up headlights which were a common design on ’80s-90’s Japanese cars but this one has been converted to a fixed light setup from JDM tuner Re Amemiya. The new headlights remind me of the Ferrari F40 with its dual lights behind a clear cover.

fc3syellowjdm4b fc3syellowjdm1f The front is clean looking with a super subtle front bumper and fog lights that are also covered matching the headlights. The hood is stock but the Turbo II has large air vent that forces air into the top mounted intercooler.

fc3syellowjdm1b fc3syellowjdm1cThe bronze wheels are Work XSA 02C in a 17″ staggered setup – they’re a two piece wheel with a polished outer lip –  although not my favorite design or color on a yellow car.

fc3syellowjdm4cI do like the Re Amemiya side skirts and rare Yours Sports rear duckbill spoiler that is the only bit of flair on the understated exterior. The rear lip is high and protrudes far for a lip spoiler but looks awesome on this car.

fc3syellowjdm3c fc3syellowjdm3aThe engine is a rotary 13B-T that makes a healthy 185hp with it’s twin-scroll turbocharger. This one was is outfitted with an HKS Fcon cuel computer and EVC boost controller to increase boost pressure for more power.

fc3syellowjdm2a fc3syellowjdm2cThe interior is fairly clean with Recaro bucket seats and a loud FEED power checkered floor mat which is a popular design in Japan. As a JDM car the driver side is on the right and shifting will have to be done with the left hand which will take some familiarization with for those used to left hand drive cars.

fc3syellowjdm1g fc3syellowjdm1hThe condition of this car looks to be in really good – rare for a car this age coming from Japan – many of the 25 year old cars I’ve seen from Japan are fairly rough. This car wouldn’t make the best collectible given the mods but it would be a good base for a show or drift car. The car currently has 38k miles and the seller is asking $17k for this bright yellow Turbo II.

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