1998 Callaway Corvette C12 Coupe

This 1998 Callaway C12 is based on a Chevrolet Corvette and has been wildly worked over making it indistinguishable from the original C5 Vette..

Callaway_C12_42 Callaway_C12_41Callaway has been tuning vehicles for over 40 years and this C12 is their crown jewel.  The exterior is clean with circular headlights behind a glass shield. The side profile has two matching air vents and the Corvettes trademark circular taillights have been replaced with a design that has more dimension to them. I really like the exterior which has an integrated front splitter and still looks fresh even though this car is 16 years old.

Callaway_C12_44 Callaway_C12_30The body work is produced from Carbon Fiber/Kevlar and is not only strong but saves a lot of weight. The C12 is roughly 5 inches wider than a Corvette the clean design does a good job of hiding the extra width.

Callaway_C12_11 Callaway_C12_27The interior looks like a re-upholstered Corvette interior and doesn’t have the same flair as the exterior and looks a little cheap for a car that had an original price of over $150k.

Callaway_C12_19 Callaway_C12_26The engine is the tried and true LS1 6.2L V8 but has been upgraded with the Callaway “Supernatural” engine upgrade and now makes 480hp. It ran 0-60 in the low 4 second range which was comparable to the Dodge Viper GTS at the time. The power output might not seem like a lot today with family cars in the 400hp range but this was an extreme amount of power in the late ’90s and this C12 was considered a supercar.

Callaway_C12_25This C12 has less than 9k miles on the odometer and has been used as a model in the Microsoft game “Project Gotham Racing”. It is #7 of 19 manufactured and the car is currently being sold by Lingenfelter Motorsports in Michigan with an asking price of $165k.

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From the seller

480 Horsepower LS1
– 6.2 Liter LS1
– 6 Speed Manual Transmission
– 8,664 Miles

– 6.2 Liter “Supernatural” Callaway Engine Upgrade
– Carbon Fiber Callaway C12 Body
– Interior Upholstery Upgraded
– #007 of 19 Manufactured by Callaway Cars Inc.
– 19” AZEV Type E Wheels
– Pirelli P Zero Asymmetrical Tires
– Modeled for Microsoft Game “Project Gotham Racing” for Xbox