Street legal Ariel Atom III

Most Ariel Atoms are used for track only use and its rare to find one thats already been through the process to make it street legal. This 2011 Ariel Atom III is currently registered in Texas and has fully functioning headlights and turn signals allowing its owner to legally drive it on the road.

arielatom201134a arielatom201133c arielatom201134dThe Ariel Atom is one of more well known track focused cars and is comparable to boutique models like the BAC mono, KTM X-bow, and the Lotus 2-Eleven.

arielatom201131aaThe Atom series III uses a Honda K20 out of the DC5 Type-r that is very reliable and makes a 245hp of power from its 4-cylinder engine.

arielatom201131d arielatom201131e arielatom201132cThis Ariel has been optioned with a supercharger unit that increases power to 300hp and a set of Willwood Dyna light sport brakes allow for minimal brake fade even on the track.  A full glass windscreen was added at a cost of over $2k and makes livng with the Ariel a little bit easier.

arielatom201131a arielatom201131abThe wheels are 17″ units made by British manufacturer Team Dynamics and are popular with the British Touring Car Championship series and mounted to super sticky Advan A048 tires. Suspension parts were sourced from Eibach and Bilstein and use a non-adjustable shock with different spring rates.

arielatom201132f arielatom201132e arielatom201133aThe interior is stark but effective and a interesting looking one-piece seat is shared between the driver and passenger.

arielatom201131ac arielatom201131ad This Ariel has less than 300 miles on the odometer and the seller is looking to get $65k for the car as it sits. While a lot of money, the performance that an Ariel provides can’t be beat.

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