Looks like fun – Lotus Exige S260 Final Edition

This 2011 Lotus Exige S260 Final Edition is one of the last street legal Exiges to be exported to the US and as a final hurrah to the lightweight sports car, Lotus released 30 Final Editions.

silverfinaleditions260l silverfinaleditions2601a silverfinaleditions2601bThe Final Edition was available in any color and had body-color scoops and black five-spoke wheels. Lotus equipped these cars to the hilt and every one came with the track pack, sports pack, touring pack and a LSD differential.

silverfinaleditions2601h silverfinaleditions2604bThe exterior of this Exige S260 has been finished in a classic Arctic silver which shows off the design details of this car. I think the S260 is one of the best looking cars of the past 5 years and I love the roof scoop that channels air directly into the large intercooler.

silverfinaleditions2602e silverfinaleditions2602f silverfinaleditions2602dThe interior is very basic with two sport seats and a lot of exposed aluminum. The dash is small with just enough space for a single din radio deck and the AC controls.

silverfinaleditions2601c silverfinaleditions2601dThe Exige weighs a little over 2,000 lbs and is powered by a 1.8 supercharged Toyota engine that makes 257hp. It has a very good power to weight ratio and 0-60 times are in the 4 second range.

silverfinaleditions2601i silverfinaleditions2601k silverfinaleditions2601jThis example has just 5,400 miles on the odometer and looks to be in awesome condition and the seller is asking $72,500 for this rare Exige. Although I think the price is a bit high, its a rare commodity especially with the low miles.