Super rare Gran Prix White S2000 CR

For the S2000 fanatic, no car is coveted more than the S2000 CR. A track focused S2000 variant available in the last two years of production the CR (Club Racer) is Honda’s ultimate expression of the two seater.

s2000crgpws2k1f s2000crgpws2k1cOnly available in 4 colors (Apex Blue, Rio Yellow, Berlina Black)  this Gran Prix White version which is the rarest of the bunch with just 90 built.

s2000crgpws2k1e s2000crgpws2k1dVisually the CR comes with an aggressive aero package that reduces lift with its large rear spoiler and pronounced front lip and the car has a love it or hate it look. The wheels are painted Kaiser silver and blacked out emblems adorn the fenders.

s2000crgpws2k1b s2000crgpws2k2cMost of the upgrades to the CR are hidden and handling is improved with stiffer suspension, thicker sway bars and additional bracing behind the seats. The soft-top is removed and the CR has a unique tonneau cover and a hardtop as standard equipment.

s2000crgpws2k2d s2000crgpws2k2aRemoving weight was a focus of Honda and sound deadening material and spare tire were removed. With the hardtop off the CR is 100 pounds lighter than a normal version translating into better performance in all aspects of the car.

s2000crgpws2k3a The engine is the same 2.2L inline-4 making 237hp and it is speculated that the ECU mapping is different on the CRs but that has never been substantiated by Honda.

s2000crgpws2k1aI imagine this GPW CR will sell incredibly quick, its priced realistically at $28,500 and has just 42k miles on it. The car looks fairly stock and the condition of the car is excellent.

Seller’s contact info

From the seller:

Model: S2000 CR
Color: Gran Prix White
AC and radio
Mileage: 43k
Condition: Very good. See the link below for pics.

Last Serviced: 9/3/14
Registered through August 2015 (CA)
Smogged last month for registration
2nd owner since Aug 2009
Never raced, just a midlife crisis toy. 90% of the miles are commuting. Time to move on to something more practical.
All panel VIN numbers match

EBC sport rotors, pads, and ss lines. Professionally installed. I have all stock rotors, pads, and lines, marked with location.
No modifications to wheels, chassis, suspension, engine, stereo, interior.
Factory alarm
iPod interface

All service records

Other incidentals:
Factory service manual and electrical troubleshooting manual (no issues, just like having the manual to all my vehicles)
Factory waffle cover, gray
Light weight cover, tan. (It doesn’t take up the whole trunk.)
Hardtop lifting harness.
Ashtray insert (nonsmoker. I used it for change)
Factory padded rear deck cover to protect trunk during topremoval/installation.

See slide show here: http://s36.photobuck…ston/slideshow/
Full disclosure with appearance issues shown in last three pics

The city of Poway is in Northeast San Diego County.