Factory built sleeper – Mercedes-Benz R63 AMG

The Mercedes-Benz R63 AMG was produced for just one year and has a understated exterior compared to its extraordinarily powerful engine making the perfect factory sleeper.

amgr63wagonmercedes1a amgr63wagonmercedes3dMarketed by MB as a family touring car that has space for 6-passengers, the all-wheel-drive R-class came in a few different variations and this R63 AMG is the highest performing version available. Production numbers for US spec R63s are rumored to be at just 30 units making it even more rare the SLS AMG Black Series!

amgr63wagonmercedes1f amgr63wagonmercedes1dMercedes hoped to sell around 200 R63s but a few factors kept that target out of reach. As a niche vehicle it wasn’t actively advertised and was a special order only (similar to the E63 estates) it also had a hefty price tag that started in the high-$80k range.  In addition the crossover package that tried to combine a minivan and SUV didn’t appeal to buyers and sales fell short across all R-class variants.

amgr63wagonmercedes1b amgr63wagonmercedes1cWith such a low production number the R63 is a hot item on the second hand market. They don’t come up for sale often and are now the bargain at roughly the original MSRP.

amgr63wagonmercedes1eThe AMG upgrades included a stiffer suspension and wheels were up sized to super wide 295/40/20 on all four corners and huge 15″ front rotors were needed to stop the heavy 5,300lb German wagon

amgr63wagonmercedes3aThe exterior has a sculpted AMG body kit, their trademark quad exhaust tips and 6.3L AMG badging on the fenders to let other’s know this isn’t an ordinary R-class.

amgr63wagonmercedes2aThe most impressive aspect of the R63 AMG is its hand-built naturally aspirated 6.2L V8 that has both an aluminum block and heads. The large displacement engine made 507hp and with grip coming from its wide tires and all-wheel-drive layout 0-60 times were in the 4.6 second range.

amgr63wagonmercedes2f amgr63wagonmercedes2gThe interior is normal Mercedes luxuriousness with a black leather interior and individual screens for the second row occupants.

This R63 AMG is located in Orange County California and has 60k miles on the odometer. The condition looks to be excellent and owner is asking $44k  obo. If your interested he can be reached at jimmycigars(at)yahoo.com.