2008 Berlina Black Honda S2000 CR

The CR edition was one of the last of the Honda S2000s built and only 699 were produced between 2008-2009. Named the Club Racer (CR), numerous improvements were made over the normal S2000 with most of the performance coming from a weight reduction and aero upgrades.

s2000berlinablackcr1i s2000berlinablackcr1kThe S2000 CR was available in 4 colors and only 269 were made in Berlina Black (BB). BB has history with Honda sports cars and was one of the original colors offered on the legendary Acura NSX. Of the 4 S2000 CR colors, Berlina Black looks the cleanest because it matches the hardtop color, the other three colors use a BB hardtop and not one that is color matched to the rest of the car.

s2000berlinablackcr1h s2000berlinablackcr1cThe S2000 CR is roughly 100lbs lighter than a normal version and Honda chose to remove the soft top and fit a cool tonneau cover. The spare tire was removed and a large reinforcement brace was located in its place to help stiffen the chassis.

s2000berlinablackcr1a s2000berlinablackcr1eAero tweaks are the most visible changes of the S2000 CR and a large protruding front air dam fills the front lower bumper adding downforce and increasing grip to the front wheels. The rear also has a large wing, a design that might be a bit much for the street but perfectly suits for the track.

s2000berlinablackcr3aThe engine has been left alone and the 2.2L inline-4 makes 237hp and 162 lb-ft of torque. Huge power has never been Honda’s thing and they tend to focus on the balance of the car and the S2000 is known as one of the best driver’s cars available.

s2000berlinablackcr2b s2000berlinablackcr2aA few subtle suspension changes have been made and the CR rides on stiffer springs with different diameter sway bars, the steering ratio has also been quickened so less motion is needed to change directions.

s2000berlinablackcr1b The S2000 CR is one of my favorite cars and as a previous S2000 owner, I know how fun these can be. This CR is currently located in South Carolina and has 61k miles on the odometer. His asking price is realistic at $25,700 and I’m sure this car will sell soon.

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