Nicely modded Dakar Yellow BMW M3 sedan

This is one of the nicer E9x M3s I’ve come across and it has really nice mods with a rare Dakar Yellow exterior. The modification list isn’t long but its a true quality over quantity build which I prefer.

e90m3dakaryellow1 e90m3dakaryellow1bStarting with a 2011 M3 sedan, the car was ordered in a BMW Individual Dakar Yellow exterior and the seller says its the only sedan in the US this color. Dakar Yellow has a bit of history with M brand and it was once standard offering on the E36 M3. Since then I’ve seen it ordered on other M3s, M-coupes¬† and even M5 sedans.

e90m3dakaryellow1eThis M3 has been tracked a few times and the mods installed not only improve the looks but help performance as well. A set of Ohlins DFV coilovers were chosen to lower the car and also improve handling . Ohlins coilovers are awesome and they have just started to build a following for street car use even though they’re highly regarded suspension on motorcyclesand are standard equipment on high end Ducatis.

e90m3dakaryellow4aTo improve braking performance the owner chose a front and rear set of Brembo GT calipers with huge 15″ rotors. The calipers were custom painted Dakar Yellow to match the car and a 18″ staggered set of Volk Racing TE37¬† wheels allow the huge rotors to fit.

e90m3dakaryellow1cThe exterior was freshened up with a more aesthetically pleasing side mirrors and a BMW Performance rear deck lid that has been left exposed CF.

e90m3dakaryellow2a e90m3dakaryellow2bThe interior has been left fairly stock except for the headliner and door panels which were wrapped in Alcantara to match BMW Performance Suede steering wheel.

e90m3dakaryellow3aAs the only V8 M3, I think the E9x series will be one of the most coveted in the future and rare individual color vehicles like this one will always have a niche following to them.

e90m3dakaryellow1dThis M3 sedan is located in Southern California and the owner is asking $59k with all the modifications or $51k completely stock.

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