Rare Cuprite Metallic Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG wagon

I found this rare Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG wagon on eBay and really like the Cuprite Metallic exterior which is a brownish purple hue that adds a modern touch to this ultra-fast family car.

cupritee63wagon1a cupritee63wagon1g cupritee63wagon1jThe E63 AMG wagon or “estate” is one of my favorite MBs and also one of the rarest with each car specially ordered with roughly 500 built over the entire production run.

cupritee63wagon4b cupritee63wagon5fThis wagon is highly optioned with an MSRP over $106k and includes the $6,500 P30 AMG Performance package. The P30 option delimits the 186mph top speed and raises power via a computer reflash to 550hp with 590lb-ft of torque at just 2,000 rpms!

cupritee63wagon3f cupritee63wagon3d cupritee63wagon5bHaving so much torque on hand helps this solid 4,500lb car accelerate quickly with 0-60mph taking less than 4 seconds and quarter mile times completed in 12.2 seconds.

cupritee63wagon1h cupritee63wagon1fThe E63 AMG Wagon is only available in a seven speed automatic with paddle shifters but this one was optioned with the Limited Slip Differential that added $2k to the MSRP and helps keep power to the rear wheels under hard cornering.

cupritee63wagon3bcupritee63wagon5aI think the exterior of the wagon looks better than the E-class sedan its based on, the longer roofline flows better with the lines of the car and the added large rear windows are easier to see out of.

cupritee63wagon3cThe wheels are nice looking set of 19″ AMG twin 5-spoke forged alloy wheels that are a good diameter for this car, they have a polished finished and the spokes show off the red painted calipers that are a trademark part of the P30 package.

cupritee63wagon2a cupritee63wagon2c cupritee63wagon2eThe interior of this E63 AMG Wagon has a Almond premium leather interior that looks to be in excellent shape and the Macademia colored Alcantara headliner has two sunroofs.

cupritee63wagon1h cupritee63wagon1c cupritee63wagon1dThis E63 AMG wagon has less than 30k miles on the odometer and the whole car looks to be in excellent shape. If you’re interested in it the seller’s are asking $70k and the car is located in Arizona.

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