Really nice Daytona Violet E36 M3

This 1995 BMW Daytona Violet M3 has fairly low miles for its age and looks to be in really nice shape. I have a thing for purple cars and I love this color on the E36 chassis.

daytonavioletm3e361a daytonavioletm3e361ddaytonavioletm3e364aBMW currently has two popular purple hues in their catalog and Daytona Violet is a little more purple than Techno Violet which can look almost black at some angles.

daytonavioletm3e361f daytonavioletm3e361hThe E36 M3 has a cult following and is considered one of the best handling cars of its time. It doesn’t’ have crazy power but its 3.2L straight-6 makes 240hp and is still a very popular chassis to use on the track.

daytonavioletm3e362b daytonavioletm3e364cThis M3 has less than 44k miles on the odometer and the whole car looks to be in excellent condition and completely stock. A majority of the E36s I come across have aftermarket modifications so finding one like this is refreshing.

daytonavioletm3e361e daytonavioletm3e361fThe exterior of the E36 is a little boxy compared to the newer M3s but it does have some interesting design touches like the side mirrors that use a dual posts for better aerodynamics. The wheels are staggered and 17″ in diameter and I like how they have BMW Motorsport logo on the face.

daytonavioletm3e362i daytonavioletm3e362d daytonavioletm3e362eThe interior features a classic Dove leather on the popular Vader seats seat with the M Motorsport stripe. The color isn’t easy to keep clean and these look to be in excellent shape.

daytonavioletm3e361gQuality cost a premium and the dealer is asking $25k for this M3 making it one of the most expensive ones I’ve come across.  If you’re interested, this gorgeous E36 is currently located in Maryland.

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