2008 Ferrari 599 GTB with a Novitec Aero kit

This 2008 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano is a classic color combination of Rosso Corsa red with a Beige Leather interior and has been cleanly modified with a few parts from Ferrari tuner Novitec.

599novitecredhre1a 599novitecredhre1g599novitecredhre3bThe Ferrari 599 GTB is more of a touring car compared to the smaller F430 and has re-tuned version of the V12 engine that was used in the Enzo supercar. In the 599 GTB the engine makes 611hp and 448 lb-ft of torque with a surprisingly high redline of 8,200 rpms. 0-60 mph take just 3.3 seconds with low 11 second quarter mile times.

599novitecredhre1b 599novitecredhre1hThis 599 GTB has a subtle Novitec aero kit that enhances the look of this italian sports car. The front and rear additions mimic each other in design and the side additions are very understated.

599novitecredhre1e 599novitecredhre1f599novitecredhre4aThe rear wing is the most noticeable part of the aero additions and adds a small spoiler to the deck of the trunk. The 599 GTB comes stock with 20″ wheels but this one has been up-sized to a double staggered set of 21″ front and 22″ in the rear. The wheels are made by well known high-end manufacturer HRE and I like how the owner chose a 1-piece wheel for a cleaner look. I never thought I’d say 22″ wheels look good on a Ferrari but I really like it on this 599 GTB.

599novitecredhre2a 599novitecredhre2g 599novitecredhre2hThe interior is gorgeous with tan leather and carbon fiber covering almost every surface. The owner chose to upgrade the stereo and used high end Audison and JL audio components with a Passport 9500Ci radar detector integrated into the rear view mirror for a stealthier look.

599novitecredhre1d 599novitecredhre1c 599novitecredhre3aThis Ferrari has a tick over 10k miles and has an asking price of $198k. If you’re interested this 599 GTB is currently located in Florida.

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