Audi Exclusive Nardo Grey RS5

I love the Audi Exclusive Nardo grey exterior on this 2014 Audi RS5. Similar to BMWs individual program Audi allows owners to choose exterior colors that normally not available and this RS5 is been painted a creamy and rich looking grey.

nardogrey2014rs51iThis Audi RS5 was a demo vehicle for TAG Motorsports in California. I recently featured their Brabus E63 wagon a few weeks back and though this build isn’t as crazy as the Mercedes this RS5 been upgraded with a focus towards aesthetics over performance.

nardogrey2014rs5jnardogrey2014rs53aThe Audi RS5 is the highest performing variant of the B8 chassis and uses a naturally aspirated V8 with an all-wheel-drive layout. The 4.2L engine makes 450hp with 317 lb-ft of torque and unfortunately a 7-speed dual clutch automatic is the only transmission offered.

nardogrey2014rs53bEven with a fairly high curb weight of 4,000 pounds, the large V8 can muscle this RS5 from 0-60 mph in 4 seconds and the standing quarter mile is completed in 12.5 seconds – pretty impressive numbers.

nardogrey2014rs51aThe aftermarket parts chosen might hurt performance but does a lot to improve the bland styling of the RS5. A set of 21″ Voseen SPS306 forged wheels in a satin bronze finish stands out first but if you look closely you’ll notice this Audi is sitting on airbags with an Accuair B8 sport kit allowing the driver to choose the ride height of this car. Behind the nicely styled wheels are Audi’s famous wave rotors with custom painted calipers with the orange hue that was taken from a Lamborghini.

nardogrey2014rs52d nardogrey2014rs52b nardogrey2014rs52aThe interior is stock and Audi did a awesome job of adding the right amount of Carbon Fiber trim and expensive composite is used sparingly throughout the cabin.

nardogrey2014rs51e nardogrey2014rs51fThis Nardo Grey RS5 has 9k miles on the odometer and TAG Motorsports is asking $87k with all the mods.

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