Hakosuka! 1971 Nissan Skyline GT-R

Original and legit Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-Rs are extremely sought after in Japan and Hakosuka fever has been growing rapidly in the States as well with one recently selling at a Pebble Beach auction for close to $250k!

71hakokpgc101b 71hakokpgc103c 71hakokpgc101fThe GT-R variant of the KPGC10 (coupe) is the rarest and most sought after of the early Skylines and both the coupe and sedan are nicknamed the “Hakosuka” or “Hako” which translates to box skyline. They were fast cars with a winning race pedigree and Nissan used a 2.0L S20 inline-6 engine that made 160hp at 7k rpm and they had a top speed of 124 mph.

71hakokpgc102d 71hakokpgc101j 71hakokpgc101kI love the design of these early Skylines especially the back end with its quad tail lights and widened fenders. The wheels are still cool looking blacked out Watanabes that match the side mirrors placed on the front fenders of the car and the whole car looks to be in excellent shape.

71hakokpgc101a 71hakokpgc101eThis Hakosuka is currently owned by vintage JDM car enthusiast who has quite an impressive list of cars that he currently owns.  This Skyline is currently located in North Carolina but since its a 1971 model it can be legally registered and driven in any state including California.

71hakokpgc101d71hakokpgc101c 71hakokpgc103aHakosuka consistently sell between $100k and up in Japan and this all original example isn’t out of line with an asking price of $200k. While super expensive, these cars are rare and have a unique history that makes them one of the most collectible and sought after JDM cars out.

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