1,100hp twin-turbo Lamborghini Gallardo!

This 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo has been modified with a twin-turbo system and now produces an insane 1,100 hp to the rear wheels!

undergroundracinggallardo091a undergroundracinggallardo091fThe normally naturally aspirated Lamborghini is a powerful and great looking car from the factory, but it wasn’t enough for the owner of this black Gallardo wanted more from his supercar.

undergroundracinggallardo095b undergroundracinggallardo091eMost of the modifications were handled by Underground Racing who are well known for building some of the fastest Gallardos in the States.  This build started with their custom Billet Short Block that was first fully disassembled and then blue printed and balanced so the weight of all the engine components were balanced allowing the engine to run smoother and more efficient.

undergroundracinggallardo091c undergroundracinggallardo095aThis V10 engine is full of strengthened components from Carrillo and CP which support the crazy output from the twin-turbo setup and Underground used a custom twin billet 67mm turbochargers to make more power. Since the engine is producing double the power everything from the fuel system to the cooling had to be upgraded to keep up with increased stress.

undergroundracinggallardo092e undergroundracinggallardo092c The interior has a mix of leather and carbon fiber surfaces and the seats have a nice diamond pattern stitching to them and this Gallardo still retains all the everyday components like a back up camera.

undergroundracinggallardo094a undergroundracinggallardo091d undergroundracinggallardo091bEven though this Gallardo has been ordered with an E-gear semi-automatic transmission system, this car looks to be a lot of fun and definitely engaging to drive with so much power on available.

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