Original condition Alpine Weiss BMW E30 M3!

The BMW E30 M3 is one of the most significant cars in the history of the German auto manufacturer and this first generation M3 yielding a line of highly successful cars.

89alpineweissm31a 89alpineweissm31b 89alpineweissm35bThis gorgeous Alpine Weiss M3 looks to be in amazing condition and one of the nicer examples I’ve come across for sale. Still very much in stock form, the owner has added a few small additions for a cleaner look including the Euro tow hook covers and rear plate filler panel.

89alpineweissm31c 89alpineweissm31d 89alpineweissm35aThe E30 M3 is best known for its boxed fenders which are able to fit larger wheels and tires like these ESM Type 004 that are a replica of the famed BBS LMs. The stance looks perfect and isn’t too low thanks to a set of H&R springs with Bilstein dampers keeping the ride sporty yet comfortable.

89alpineweissm32a 89alpineweissm32c 89alpineweissm32dThe interior is in very good condition with a black leather interior that shows little wear, the steering wheel has been upgraded with a period correct 370mm M Tech I.

89alpineweissm32e 89alpineweissm32f 89alpineweissm32hThe E30 M3 is lightweight car at just 2,500lbs and comes with a inline-4 engine making 215hp, even with its modest power output the this M3 is continually considered one of the best sports cars of all time.

89alpineweissm31e 89alpineweissm31f 89alpineweissm33aThe importance of the E30 M3 coupled with its rarity has made it highly sought after and they’ve appreciated quite a bit in the past few years. This low mileage example has just 88k miles on the odometer and the seller is asking a fair $50k for it, if you’re interested in this gorgeous Alpine White M3 it’s located in Northern Virginia.

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