Ithica Verde 2014 Lotus Evora S

The bright green exterior caught my eye on this 2014 Lotus Evora S. Named Ithica Verde, this color was made famous on Lamborghini Murcielagos and Gallardos but the unique hue looks awesome on this Lotus 2+2.

ithicaverdeevora1a ithicaverdeevora1b ithicaverdeevora4cThe Evora S was launched in 2010 and is currently the only street legal Lotus offers in the United States. Like the Elise, Lotus sourced a Toyota engine for the Evora and the 3.5L V6 was originally used on a Camry. Lotus chose to supercharge it and place it mid-engine in the Evora S and power output is decent at 345hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. 0-60 mph times are in the mid-four second range which is impressive on a 3,049lb car.

ithicaverdeevora3c ithicaverdeevora4b ithicaverdeevora1gThe Evora has a sleek design and is more subtle than the Exige, its also meant to be more practical with the Evora having a more finished interior with carpets and higher end touch surfaces.

ithicaverdeevora1c ithicaverdeevora3c ithicaverdeevora1fThe Evora looks better in person and I’m always impressed with the styling when I see one up close, the integrated wing and rear diffuser make the car stand out.

ithicaverdeevora2d ithicaverdeevora2a ithicaverdeevora2bThe interior has two Recaro bucket seats and all the controls neatly organized towards the driver. Although snug, the interior has a simple design and would be comfortable on longer trips for those in the front row.

ithicaverdeevora1e ithicaverdeevora4d This Evora S had a MSRP close to $95k with the Motorsport paint a $3k option. With less than 1k miles on the odometer, its still pretty much new and the seller is asking $77k for it.

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