RENNtech modified 670hp S65 AMG

This 2011 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG has been treated to the RENNtech treatment and now produces 670hp and a crazy 840 lb-ft of torque.

2011s65mbrenntech1k 2011s65mbrenntech1h 2011s65mbrenntech1iThe S65 AMG is the most expensive variant in the S-class luxury sedan line and comes from Mercedes with an impressive twin-turbo V12 engine. This car was ordered with the designo trim that adds exclusive an color and upgraded interior trim and this car had a MSRP over $215k before the RENNtech modifications began.

2011s65mbrenntech1f 2011s65mbrenntech44iThe RENNtech upgrades were both cosmetic and performance in nature and the ECU upgrade accounted for an increase of 50hp and 100 lb ft of torque over the stock output. The exterior was treated to 21″ 10 spoke brushed wheels and the RENNtech lowering module that overrides the factory air-bag suspension. I’ve always been impressed with the huge S65 AMG calipers and the units take 4 pads per side to clamp onto the giant cross-drilled rotor.

2011s65mbrenntech4d 2011s65mbrenntech4c 2011s65mbrenntech4bThe S65 AMG comes with the AMG contoured body kit and the owner chose to add a clean Renntech carbon fiber lip spoiler on the trunk. The W221 has an interesting exterior design and I like the flared fenders that give this S-class a muscular look.

2011s65mbrenntech2v 2011s65mbrenntech2f 2011s65mbrenntech2d 2011s65mbrenntech2cThe S65 AMG comes standard with pretty much every option including Night View assist, AMG illuminated door sills and a 15-speakerĀ  1,200 watt Bang & Olufsen stereo. The interior is very high end with a black quilted leather interior, poplar interior wood trim and even a analog IWC clock on the center console.

2011s65mbrenntech1d 2011s65mbrenntech4e 2011s65mbrenntech3bThis RENNtech S65 has been rarely driven and has less than 5k miles on the odometer and this cleanly modified car has an asking price of $140k.

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