Low mileage Toyota Supra Turbo manual

This low mileage 1998 Toyota Supra Targa is offered by Marshall Goldman who is the same dealer selling a 1992  NSX with just 2k miles earlier this year.

1998supraturboredtarga1a 1998supraturboredtarga3b 1998supraturboredtarga1eWhile this Supra has more miles, its still impressive that only has 15.5k miles over the past 17 years. As a 6-speed manual Turbo car this Supra has all the right options and looks gorgeous in its Renaissance Red exterior

1998supraturboredtarga3c 1998supraturboredtarga3a 1998supraturboredtarga1bThe styling of the MKIV Supra is almost iconic with its muscular fenders and large rear “Supra wing”, its  styling was often imitated in the Sport Compact scene of the ’90s and ’00s.

1998supraturboredtarga1c 1998supraturboredtarga1dThe 1998 Toyota Supra had a slight refresh in styling and the front headlights and rear taillights were both smoked from the factory. Its now a popular modification to add these updated parts to older Supras for a fresher look.

1998supraturboredtarga4a 1998supraturboredtarga2gThe Toyota Supra Turbo has a cult following among owners and the 3.0L 2JZ-GTE was over built from Toyota. In factory form, the engine output was 320hp and 315 lb-ft of torque with 0-60 mph times in the mid-4 second range but its not uncommon to find modified versions pushing 1k hp.

1998supraturboredtarga2e 1998supraturboredtarga2b 1998supraturboredtarga2hThe interior is driver focused and the instrument panel wraps the driver for a “cockpit” feel. I love the height of the manual shifter which is at the perfect for pulling off quick shifts and is still comfortable for daily driving. The condition of the interior is immaculate and the seats look new with very little wear, I think interior is the most impressive part of the car.

1998supraturboredtarga2k 1998supraturboredtarga2cClean Toyota Supra Turbos have appreciated in value and finding stock examples is extremely difficult. This collector quality example is priced high at $90k but this is a very clean example with extremely low miles.

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