Show worthy BMW E92 M3

This BMW M3 has been nicely modified and I like the look of the black wheels against the calming light blue Silverstone exterior.

amusepowere92m31g amusepowere92m31kSilverstone Silver was a trademark color of the E92 M3 and most magazines demo’d this color for their magazine reviews in 2008. This M3 was ordered with the Dual-clutch semi-automatic transmission and sunroof delete which retains the unique and light Carbon Fiber roof.

amusepowere92m31j amusepowere92m31fThe owner chose to modify this car and I love the Power House Amuse carbon fiber front bumper.  The Japanese front retains the essence of the factory look but makes it more aggressive by lowering the front overhang and adding cf splitters – its my favorite front piece for the E92 M3.

amusepowere92m31c amusepowere92m31l19″ CCW wheels were installed in really wide sizes with a 10.5″ wheel on the front and 11.5″ in the rear both sitting flush the the fenders. The wheels have black faces with a polished step lip giving the illusion of an even wider wheel and gives it more dimension while in motion.

amusepowere92m32a amusepowere92m32b amusepowere92m32cThe interior has been treated to a ton of IND carbon fiber panels and a M Performance Steering wheel with a black and blue theme throughout the cabin. Unfortunately the super expensive M Performance seats are not included with the sale and the stock seats will be reinstalled before delivery.

amusepowere92m31e amusepowere92m31iOverall I like the look of this M3, its not too over the top and a few key parts like the Amuse bumper make this build stand out. This M3 has been driven 70k miles and has an asking price of $38k.

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