Riviera Blue Porsche 911 Turbo

The bright Riviera Blue exterior caught my eye on this 1997 Porsche 911 Turbo and the factory paint is unique on this iconic car.

rivierablue993turbo1b rivierablue993turbo1hA true Riveria Blue, this is an extremely rare color on a 993 turbo and I think the bright blue looks insanely gorgeous on this car. The blue accentuates the curves of the widebody and makes the car look more exotic than the silver and black ones I usually find for sale.

rivierablue993turbo1i rivierablue993turbo1kThe 993 Turbo is one of the most sought after Porsche’s ever and the Turbo model has a 3.6L engine that makes 400hp. A twin-turbo design, Porsche used an air-to-air intercooler that gives this 993 a mechanical feel that is sometimes referred to as the last of the classic Porsches.

rivierablue993turbo2a rivierablue993turbo2bThe turbo models are all-wheel-drive and this 2 owner Canadian car has been optioned with a sunroof, heated seats and a hardback sports seats. The dealer says this Riviera Blue turbo is 1 of 1 that was specially ordered for the Canadian market.

rivierablue993turbo1a rivierablue993turbo1hDue to its rarity, and the unicorn like status of a Rivera Blue 993 Turbo the dealer has an asking price of $349k with the reserve not met. Seems optimistic but for the hardcore Porsche collector this might be worth the money.

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