Nice livery on a 2011 Lotus 2-eleven

I’ve featured quite a few Lotus 2-elevens on my site and I think they’re one of the best track cars available. This 2011 Lotus is one of the nicer looking examples I’ve come across and has a cool red and black livery covering the lightweight car.

2011white2eleven1a 2011white2eleven1b 2011white2eleven1jThe Lotus 2-eleven is a track only vehicle and since its not required to have headlights or safety equipment weighs in at less than 1,500lbs. A mid-engine car, Lotus outfitted it with a 1.8L Toyota engine that produces 252hp and 178 lb-ft of torque. The supercharged 4-cylinder is also used in the Elise/Exige but makes more power in the 2-eleven by omitting the emissions equipment required on street cars.

2011white2eleven1d 2011white2eleven3b 2011white2eleven3co-60mph times are in the low 4 second range but handling is what makes the 2-eleven stand apart from most other sports cars. Its hard to compete with such a light car – removing weight improves all facets of performance from acceleration/braking to handling.

2011white2eleven1c 2011white2eleven1fThe bodywork of the 2-eleven is bare bones and has a slight resemblance to the Elise on the front nose piece. The rear has a large carbon fiber rear wing for additional rear downforce and this car is currently on sticky Toyo Proxes R888 tires.

2011white2eleven3aThe front wheels come from Lotus with AP racing brakes and the wheels are a lightweight Lotus sport 5 spokes finished in black.

2011white2eleven2f 2011white2eleven2a 2011white2eleven2cThe interior is straight business with two potato chip thin Lotus seats that are connected to Schroth racing harnesses. This 2-eleven has a black roll bar to keep the driver safe in case of a roll over and the small cabin is left in exposed aluminum to keep weight down.

2011white2eleven1k 2011white2eleven1j 2011white2eleven1fThe owner of this Lotus has driven less than 1,300 miles and is selling this 2011 2-eleven for $76k.

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