TechArt Porsche Panamera Grand GT Turbo

This 2014 TechArt Porsche Panamera Turbo is said to be 1 of 3 in the US and looks insane with its Grand GT Aerokit that makes this sedan look super aggressive.

techartpanameragttag1a techartpanameragttag1bThis Porsche started as a Panamera Turbo Executive model and had a MSRP just shy of $180k, it looks like no expense was spared making the ultimate Porsche sedan and the final build cost approached $250k!

techartpanameragttag1e techartpanameragttag1dThe TechArt package adds a front bumper, front/rear over fenders, rear bumper and rear wing that sits below the rear window. If you look closely at the car, small details jump out like the roof spoiler and the blacked out window trim that add a lot to make this Panamera look even better.

techartpanameragttag1c techartpanameragttag1fThe factory Panamera Turbo uses twin-turbo V8 setup that makes 520hp but this one has been upgraded with a TechArt Powerkit and output has been increased to 580hp driven through Porsche’s famed PDK transmission.

techartpanameragttag2cThis Panamera is wearing a staggered set of 22″ ADV1 with a titanium lip and face. The spokes go all the way to the edge of the lip which gives the illusion of a larger wheel, being concave the wheels have more dimension when the car is moving enhancing its looks

techartpanameragttag1s techartpanameragttag1j techartpanameragttag1hThis TechArt Panamera Grand GT Turbo is a very impressive build and has an equally impressive price tag of $180k. Its been rarely driven with less than 5k miles on the odometer and the car is currently located at TAG motorsports in Sourthern California.

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