2011 Lotus Elise Supercharged in Chrome Orange

This 2011 Lotus is 1 of 15 Elise SC Final Editions brought to North America and was ordered in a rare and bright Chrome Orange exterior.

2011lotuselisescorange1d 2011lotuselisescorange1a 2011lotuselisescorange1bOffered by the original owner, this factory supercharged Elise has just 6,600 miles on the odometer and looks to be in amazing shape.

2011lotuselisescorange1c 2011lotuselisescorange1e 2011lotuselisescorange2iThe Final Edition Elises have a mid-mounted 1.8L supercharged 4-cyclinder engine that was sourced through Toyota and makes a healthy 220hp connected to the driver through a 6-speed manual transmission.

2011lotuselisescorange3b 2011lotuselisescorange3e 2011lotuselisescorange3fThe Final Edition package includes every option and adds a LSD, 14-spoke forged wheels and matte black exterior parts. This Elise was one of the few ordered with Ohlins adjustable suspension which adds externally mounted reservoirs and greatly improves handling.

2011lotuselisescorange2h 2011lotuselisescorange2f 2011lotuselisescorange2cThe interior of this Elise has a pair of Alcantara Pro bucket seats that look comfortable and sporty but the small cabin is basic and bare like all other Elises.

2011lotuselisescorange1i 2011lotuselisescorange1h 2011lotuselisescorange2jThe owner of this Chrome Orange Elise is asking $64k which is a bit more than the original MSRP price, lucky for him these cars are still desirable and Lotus isn’t bringing any more street legal versions over. If you’re interested this unique and rare car its currently located in Michigan.

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